On a sunny mid-afternoon in Newport News, I spent time with the kindest, cutest and most deeply in love couple that I am honored to know.

When going through the images, I noticed that Christabel & Andrew literally look like a finished puzzle to me. The way that they hold hands is so natural, they way he wraps his arms lovingly around her, they are a total match made in heaven and I love seeing two people so perfectly in love find that kind of incredible happiness! Christabel is gorgeous and a total natural in front of the camera and Andrew’s winning smile always looks so genuine– I LOVED every minute of this!

One of my favorite parts of their story is that Andrew told Christabel’s grandmother before he proposed to her that he was going to do it and she adores him so she definitely approved, but her relationship being so close to her grandmother and the fact that he made sure to propose to her in her grandma’s backyard? Seriously? ROMANTIC! Love you two and can’t wait for the wedding!!! 🙂

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christabel-andrew-newport-news-engagement-130 christabel-andrew-newport-news-engagement-137 christabel-andrew-newport-news-engagement-138 christabel-andrew-newport-news-engagement-139 christabel-andrew-newport-news-engagement-141 christabel-andrew-newport-news-engagement-142

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