I blogged a WHILE back about making a big big deal out of little things and how much it helps when keeping your baby calm in public, happy and relaxed and home– and more importantly, feeling involved, important, loved and smart! This is something I’ve done since before she could even talk. I want her to always feel EXCITED about life. I don’t want her to be a drag, just functioning from day to day– I want her to be so excited in the morning and so thrilled we get to share this amazing life together!

So far? IT’S WORKING 🙂 Every morning when she wakes up she immediately says “GOO MEANING MOMMY. GOO MEANING DADDY.” No joke, and we smile and laugh and are instantly in great moods. We open the blinds and she says SHUNSHINE!!!!! What a peppy little lady!

Another HUGE thing I use when she’s in a bad mood and driving me nuts with the beginning stages of throwing a fit or being semi-naughty is say “Oh Cammy…we gotta go outside! Quick! Grab some carrots, we HAVE to feed the bunnies!” I make a huge deal out of it and she gets SO excited..and then when we’re done? She comes back in a happier baby and I have saved myself from a tantrum which nowadays is AMAZING because I’m too tired to deal with it hahahah!

So, here are some pictures of her looking for the bunnies that live in our backyard — why is she SO cute? And how is she mine?!?!??!?! :):):)

All shot with 50 1.2 midday, Mark III

Last shots are her holding my hand and I’m short so that’s my perspective with the 50mm hahaha!

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  1. Love it!! She’s such a good girl, you’re parenting style is awesome & like you said “It’s working!” Cammy is always so happy!! You & Mike are great parents, I know Cammy is growing up in a home full of love & laughter! What more could a kid want than to be excited about life?! <3

  2. That face is about to have a temper tantrum?! NO WAY!!!! it is so adorable!! I did that with my niece…always getting excited over the smallest things… now she is 5 and still claps when Aunt B goes potty like a big girl!! HAHA

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