Okay, it’s not like I have to tell you these two are cute– because you already can tell that, but they are just as sweet in person, too! Ebony and Mark are married with three gorgeous children and another on the way!!! But this isn’t a maternity session today 🙂 Oh no, this is a just-because-they-are-so-beautiful-and-in-love anniversary session that they totally deserved to treat themselves to! I loved every minute of this with them because they have no problem flirting with one another..and through the bugs, getting in the water and fighting traffic on 264– we did it! 🙂

Congrats you two on your upcoming anniversary later this summer– you’re adorable and everyone knows it!!!!!!!!! 🙂 XOXOOXO

Also– to follow Ebony’s AMAZING business on Facebook, click here! Go check out these incredible cakes!!!!!! Every time I see one I’m like — how the heck did she do that?!?! Amazing!!!

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