Sooooo seriously– we’re in the middle of a HUGE overhaul right now! Some people have seen it on Instagram & Facebook, but I hired a designer after my coaching session with Katelyn James to add some ‘oomph’ to my business, branding & overall appeal of Amanda Hedgepeth Photography.

We started discussing where I am in my business and what my next step needed to be to take everything to the next level. I came thinking I need improvement on shooting, and much to my super flattered and happy surprise– she said my work was beautiful and looking GREAT! Really?!!! Coming from her– I can’t tell you what this meant. I do love my work and shooting style and I think I’m just nit picking a little because all photographers feel that way to an extent..but the biggest overhaul I needed was to mature and complete my branding. It wasn’t consistent across the board..and it needed to have a little more of a mature look to fit the high end price range that I’m in.

Everyone KNOWS I’m an OCD go getter as much as I possibly can be– so I immediately went home and searched for designers. I knew that with our trip to shoot a wedding in England this summer, a full overhaul of website, blog, branding wasn’t going to be in our budget so instead I decided– if I can purchase and construct a good blog myself– I can keep that under $200. If I can find a Sitehouse design I LOVE that’s modern and would be perfect for showing off my branding colors– I can do that for less than $400. If I can find someone to design my logo (sorry husband..we have too much going on and I needed to work with someone OUTSIDE of this house!) and put together branding ideas for me…I would want to do that for a reasonable price as well. Most designers I contacted were AMAZING but busy and booked OR would only begin at an investment of $3000 or higher– and I found someone who was willing to work with me on just the logo and branding and I LOVE HER WORK and LOVE HER! SO lucky!!!! I think she is wonderful and definitely recommend her (already!) KD Creative – her name is Katie and she’s fabulous!

The logo: The new branding has completely different typography, which scares me JUST a little because I want people to still recognize me but I know it’s part of the rebranding process and I’m confident that if I display the logo in MORE places and utilize it on the blog, website, Facebook, etc– it will become common place and start to be associated with my brand just fine. I wanted something that was still feminine, slightly playful but more mature and high end and that’s exactly what Katie came up with. Here’s a SNEAK of it:

The colors: Everyone knows I LOVE PINK šŸ™‚ When we found out it was a girl with Cammy– we knew pink had to be one of my colors! When I showed up to coaching with Katelyn, naturally– I dressed brightly and vividly rocking teal pants, a coral-y pink sweater and gold jewelry with teal and pink accents. I was sparkly, vibrant and happy– kinda like how I like my work to look! šŸ™‚ We came up with the idea together that hey– what about gold, teal and pink? Bright like my personality, very original to me and colors I love (they were my wedding colors three years ago!) and they were just so happy like I love! So beachy and fun, too!

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The inspiration board:


So keep an eye out — by August, I hope to have up my new website and be completely done with the rebranding process! SO EXCITED!! XOXOXO

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