This blog post is for anyone who’s ever been pregnant, whether you carried your baby for a couple weeks, months, all the way until delivery, if you’ve had one baby, five babies– this is for anyone who’s been through pregnancy. There is something I’ve been noticing for a few years that wasn’t really brought to my attention until I was pregnant myself, and it’s something I want to undo today at least for the readers of this blog.


^Cammy holding my Preggy Pops (found at Babies R Us for nausea)

Women have all kinds of different pregnancy experiences. Some are sick from shortly after conception until the day they deliver. Some never feel a symptom and sneeze and bam, they’ve delivered their baby. But the one thing we can all agree on no matter what kind of pregnancy is occurring is that this IS IN FACT, a HUGE DEAL. Just because pregnancy is something very common and something we see across the world, within all socioeconomic statuses, races, does NOT make it less of a big deal. It’s an extremely big deal…but I see it being played down daily.

I am lucky to be surrounded by people who for the most part do treat pregnancy gently and understand the intense process that it is. This pregnancy for me is just like Cammy’s– it’s hard so far and will be until I enter the second trimester. The first trimester was the most difficult part besides the last three weeks and there is no way to describe how hard it is to wake up every morning as sick as a dog WHILE on medication for sickness. Mine just gets so intense that the medicine can’t cover but so much of it, but at least it’s helping a little. I’m so emotional, I’m so frustrated and I feel so guilty for feeling frustrated and depressed occasionally because I’m SO HAPPY to be pregnant! So grateful and sooo happy, but when you wake up daily knowing you’re going to go through the whole day feeling on edge like you want to throw up– it takes a toll on your emotions ESPECIALLY when you have to solely run a busy business from home.

Am I still able to rock out? Yes! You should have seen me at the wedding this Saturday, I didn’t show my sickness at all, climbing up and down a tall wall during the ceremony to get shots I needed, and it was one of the most physical weddings I’ve worked in a while. My thighs felt like two giant walking bruises the next day but ooohhh when I look through these images I’m SO happy about it! 🙂 But when it comes down to it, I was so physically and mentally exhausted I had to spend $120 to book a hotel room when I live an hour and a half away after the event to rest and sleep. I feel like I did an amazing job as a pregnant woman working through that day, completing the same day slideshow, racing through portraits so fast and keeping up with the fast pace…and I have to stop and say, Amanda– you REALLY just did all of that! While making a human being! This is something I’m going to start calling pregnancy credit.

^From this weekend’s Apple Blossom Plantation wedding, congrats Marjorie & Eric! 🙂

I want to give credit out there to anyone who is just laying in bed, resting a little longer for that baby. To women who pull over night or double shifts working SO hard. Whether you are 4 weeks or 40 weeks along– ITS HARD. If it’s your 3rd child, it’s STILL hard. While you’re just sitting there! Eating!!! Watching tv! You deserve CREDIT and you should be so proud of yourself. You’re-growing-a-human. And it’s a big deal. And hopefully you have an amazing support system that lets you know every single day how important you are and what an incredible thing you’re doing.

^How I feel 20 out of 24 hours a day right now 🙂

I say this because some women feel under appreciated and aren’t being told how strong and beautiful they are while carrying a baby. I hear these girls say they “wish their husband would do what Mike does” and it breaks my heart. Mike literally treats me like gold and is fully running this household right now on TOP of long hours at his job all week. I mean he does EVERYthing. He will get out of bed to walk to my side of the bed just to help me drink my water because sometimes I’m so sick I can’t even hold my cup without shaking. Every woman deserves pregnancy credit and to be treated like gold while carrying and if you aren’t getting it where it’s due, straighten out your loved ones and make sure they start sending it your way!

Please remember to take it easy girls. This is one of the most important times to slow down in our lives and it’s NOT lazy– it’s being a good mother! I’m still keeping up with editing and emails (the only thing I’ve fallen slightly behind with is mailing items out because ALL of my Office Max stores have been out of document mailers and I haven’t been able to get to the post office!) but I’m resting because I know this is what I need to do. I had to choose to stop feeling guilty for taking care of myself instead of running around 60 mph all day.

Cammy has spent this first trimester with me empathizing by doing the following– and yes this is all true (she’s AMAZING!):
-Lays on the couch with me 2/3 of the day and we watch her shows together..a TODDLER, willing to rest and just lay on the couch. Amazing.
-She gets her own diapers and wipes when she needs a change, literally not kidding, I say oh Cammy you need a new diaper! Can you go get ONE diaper and ONE wipe? And she knows where it is and how to get it.
-She eats the generic purple, orange and red popsicles with me all day
-She holds my water cup up occasionally and asks me to drink water (like she’s reminding me)
-After watching her shows for a few hours I ask her if I can watch one of my movies now and she sits…through the whole thing, while holding my arm..and doesn’t complain. And sidenote— when Chase Crawford comes on the screen during What To Expect While You’re Expecting…she ALWAYS SAYS, “Oooh. A boy. A boy, mommy.” — I think she’s in LOVE! <3




You are strong, you are important, you are a total badass for carrying a child. You are BEAUTIFUL even if you don’t feel like it. You’re incredible because you’re creating a miracle— you deserve to KNOW THIS!

CREDIT YOURSELVES WHERE IT’S DUE LADIES!!!!! 🙂 It’s not easy and you are AMAZING! 🙂

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  1. Amanda, Thank you for reminding us that we are all strong and beautiful, no matter the circumstances. Carrying a child is the most valuable gift ever, and always worth every little thing we can do to make it happen. What a blessing your Cammy is, and what a wonderful sibling she will make!

  2. I’m feeling you Amanda! I get motion sickness really bad even when I’m not pregnant so when I was, it was awful. Nothing helped me either. I do wish more people would be more accommodating and sensitive to a pregnant woman’s emotions. My pregnancy and labor was REALLY hard but I would do it again in a heartbeat. I feel so lucky to have my son and he’s WONDERFUL, especially knowing when other women out there can be struggling to have a baby.

  3. Thank you soooo much Amanda! I’m at 15 weeks and barely have any help so far. Nick is switching to a day schedule soon, so hopefully that will help give us more time together and make it easier to get some help. I think too many think that pregnancy isn’t hard until you’re ready to explode, but it’s a workout from day 1! Thank you so much and I hope you feel better soon! Happy baby making!

  4. First off, CONGRATULATIONS ON THE NEW HEDGEPETH INSIDE OF YOU! Kyle and I are so happy for you and your family! (I am late as I don’t have FB and for some reason, your blog posts don’t come to my email anymore! 🙁 )
    Anyway, what an AMAZING post, and much needed. Never been pregnant before, but I hope Kyle is as amazing as Mike is for you. I can’t wait to experience this greatness of pregnancy.

    Thanks for always telling it like it is, girl, but still being a sweetheart and admired by many!

    xoxo – Elisabeth

    1. OMG I love you! dang I am SO glad you just told me that about the email– I think I ACCIDENTALLY turned that off! THANK YOU for telling me! and thanks for the congrats! I can’t tell you how nice it is to read an amazing sweet message like this when I am about to be running to the toilet because of this nausea– you know how to make a sick preggy very happy!!!!!!! XOOXOXOXO

  5. I just love love love your blog posts. They are so honest and open. I’ve never been pregnant (yet) and nausea frightens me :-/ Luckily, I know my husband will at least be there to rub my back in those moments of sickness. You are so luckly to have such a loving daughter and husband. I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly. I can’t wait to hear more! And congrats on #2!

  6. What an amazing read. Amanda, you’ve completely changed my outlook. I think I’m about 7/8 weeks (I find out for sure Friday), and in my mind Ive been saying ” I’m only 7 weeks, I have no reason to lay here on a Saturday afternoon. I should be doing something productive instead of just doing nothing.” But I am doing something. I’m growing a human! I’ve had no energy at all and have been feeling guilty for not ” doing anything”. Well, no more. This momma is getting off the guilt train and hopping on the pregnancy credit express! Thank you Amanda!

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