I know a lot of people realize that women are pretty sick in the first trimester. Oh no big deal, you may throw up here or there, have smell aversions, be stuck with ginger ale and saltines occasionally…but it can’t be TOO bad right?

It is been so bad that after trying medication, home remedies, sea bands, etc….everything, I have lost weight, constant headaches, getting sick several times on vacation, sleeping on the bathroom floor and now my 19 month old knows exactly what to do when I am about to get sick. If I lay on the bathroom floor, she lays beside me. If I sit up to get sick, she rubs my back OR lays her head on my back and says “eeesokay mommy” (It’s okay mommy) and her other phrase that makes me laugh while feeling sick, “you throw up” lol– and she will additionally pretend she is sick to empathize hahahaha. Do I tell you this to gross you out? NO!!!! I am so sorry, I know it’s graphic! But I have to tell you this because this child…she’s less than two years old. She has this incredible old soul and spirit of the most maternal little girl in the world. What kind of a baby stands beside their mom the whole time they’re sick? Where’s her ADD..shouldn’t she be running to watch tv or play with her toys? She takes care of me. Mike has witnessed it first hand and when he offered to take care of me, I told him Cammy would and he watched, and couldn’t believe his eyes.

SO we NEEDED a vacation. We needed to treat ourselves for all we’ve been through recently and how much we’ve been working this year and trying to better our home, ourselves, my business, his work, etc. He’s done nothing but take amazing care of me and the baby and the house so he deserved it too BIG time. And Cammy? Well, she deserves the moon, the world, the sunshine..so her just BEING is enough to merit a big vacation whenever she wants πŸ™‚

Even though I spent one particular morning REALLY sick and then several times thereafter getting sick– when I was in the sand and letting that vicious Hatteras wind whip around me in my comfy little blue beach chair, I felt better. A lot of the trip was rainy and so when I finally got the chance to run out, watch Cammy and daddy collect an amazing amount of seashells and relax in my chair, I felt BETTER instantly. We went to Angelo’s Pizza and played arcade games with Cammy, her favorite, her daddy and Uncle Andrew both won her a stuffed toy from the claw machine, she pretended to be racing the race car games, she had a blast. We went to Froggy Dog twice and she loved it there, and loved the playroom they have for kids…but mostly, she just likes saying “Fwoggy Dog”…hahaha!

It meant so much for me, someone always “connected” to disconnect. My bride and friend Anna once told me when she returned from visiting home that she was sorry she hadn’t replied to my email sooner but she kinda just disconnects when she’s up there. It made me think (and this was a year ago!) how I actually do have the option to disconnect. So when I went on vacation this year with my family, I didn’t answer emails. I didn’t work. I just played with them, rested..and well, I did throw up haha but all in all I had a wonderful time. Cammy thinks Hatteras is our new home and is asking when we’re going back home. My kinda girl, knowing her home is really in OBX πŸ™‚


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  1. What a precious family! So glad you had a good time, even though the sickness is still there! But boy it’s worth it, as you know, when that precious little one is here!

  2. so in love with this post…minus the you being so sick part πŸ™ the beach makes everything better and having such a fab family is the icing on the cake – I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoother and you start to feel better soon. much love, hugs and ginger ale thoughts coming your way. kisses to cammy <3

  3. this post is so cute! I love the pictures of you and Cammy on the beach! I think I’ve stayed in that same hotel in OBX! It looks super familiar. lol. So glad you guys had a good time!

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