Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary. We kept forgetting it over and over and yesterday I finally looked at the date and said to Mike, while stuffing my pregnant face full of french fries and ranch (I had a craving, come on!) — OH CRAP, it’s our anniversary this week!

Oh crap it’s our anniversary? It would seem from an outside perspective that it came out pretty harsh, unloving and more like a burden than a celebration..but it’s not like that at ALL in this household! The reality is, I just got over severe first trimester nausea that consumed me, our household and my well being for over two our worlds were thrown off while Mike played dad, mom and working not only at his job full time but our house, too, just to maintain. AND– we are going to England in ONE week. AND– we just bought a new car. AND—andandandand. SO much is going on right now and I have a very busy week of sessions that all got pushed way back over and over due to our freaky persistent rainstorms from the past few weeks, so when we say “oh crap” we definitely mean we WISH so much we were able to properly celebrate it like it deserves right now!

I think being in the wedding industry makes me love and appreciate a milestone like another wedded bliss anniversary even more. I watch my loving couples fight through the wedding stress and planning, and then I get to watch them totally unwind and enjoy their days, almost like they’re in a completely different world together. Every wedding anniversary we are reminded of the beautiful Nags Head wedding we were so lucky with after sitting and watching CRAZY lightening and thunderstorms all afternoon leading up until our early evening ceremony. Then the clouds parted, the skies turned bright blue and we got hitched right there where we belong, in the sand with the roar of the water behind us.

I am SO proud to say that our biggest problems we’ve had in our marriage and our “darkest secrets” aren’t anything at all..nothing I wouldn’t tell a girlfriend or even a friend or bride, and our biggest fights have been relatively small in the grand scheme of things. No pink elephants either. Our relationship has always been pretty healthy and pure enough to when something did “go wrong”– it felt monumental to us and awful at first, especially dramatic and girly me, and then we kind of stepped back and realized what some of our peers marriages were looking like, even when perceived nicely on the outside..knowing the behind the scenes darkness…we truly are the best kind of love. It’s real and it always will be because the bad we’ve gone through we’ve realized how NOT to get to that point again…and we have a wonderful friendship. The hardest time in our marriage was after Cammy was born, and I blogged all about it and got so much wonderful feedback. It was hard but now we are the absolute best we have been, ever– and it’s because she’s here with us and we have FINALLY figured out this parenting thing! 🙂 Our dynamic has grown beautifully!!

When I was in the medical field, I had one woman in the office that would continue to remind me weekly of how I shouldn’t get married. Marriage is work she said. Husbands suck. I never heard a good thing about her husband. I don’t know what she had gone through or what their relationship was like, but it sounds to me like maybe she hadn’t married the best person for her or maybe that was just her negative personality. Marriage should ALWAYS be your vacation from your work. I’ve met so many inspirational couples 10 years, 25 years, 50 years together, etc who will definitely tell you marriage has never been work for them. It may be for some, but we are determined to never let this be for us. It’s always gonna be our vacation. But, I guess I’m lucky to be married to such a nice positive guy who feels the same 🙂




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  1. very nice post Amanda. You know I’ve been married to my wonderful hubby for 34 years now. And when people talk about marriage always being work, constantly working on it, Johnny and I just get so confused by that. It is not work to us, it never has been work… has always just flowed. One day after having a conversation with someone about how relationships constantly need work, I asked Johnny if we were “supposed” to be working on something….haha. We truly don’t understand what that means. We are in love with each other more now than 34 years ago and it didn’t take any work to be in that place. We just go together…..its just our life together, we get along. We don’t argue because if one makes the other mad, we say it, we apologize and it’s done……there’s no reason to argue about it. Sounds to me that you and Mike will be in the same place Johnny and I are……34 years later! ~hugs~

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