It was JD Salinger who said all mothers are a little crazy, and he was soooooo right. We are, crazy head over heels in love to the point of watching videos of our babies doing something cute on repeat with this bittersweet hurt in our gut for how much we love them. I have watched the Instagram video on my account, Cammyellieseastars, of her singing “outside voice, big and loud!” so many times I WAY lost count. What is it that from the second we hear that cry, we get sucked in and a force larger than the universe takes hold of our souls?! Simple– our hearts now exist outside of our bodies in the form of these beautiful angels that reflect the love you and your husband have for each other. When you choose to bring a life into this world and raise them, it is your duty to love them this way..with a force more powerful than anything that we can describe.

So wiping butts, noses and cleaning up bodily fluids becomes NOTHING at all for us. It becomes instinct to grab whatever’s clever and get the job done, including our own shirts. It honestly never bothered me to do anything “gross” and even the worst diapers and messes have been a breeze because this all comes so natural to me.

With that said, potty training has been an adventure so far and even though she started a long time ago, we haven’t pushed her because she simply wasn’t completely ready. But the way we have been easing into it is that if she wakes up dry, on that morning Mike and I sit in the bathroom with her until she pees. If she hasn’t peed for 6-8 hours, we know it’s coming soon so this has been the best time for it! She feels less pressure to perform and just enjoys a morning chat and inevitable pee with her mama and daddy hanging out in there. And also because she knows she gets a handful of MnM’s if she does it πŸ™‚ So..I have no shame, here we are in the process of one of the hardest and longest parent-child battles that we face in early childhood, embracing and enjoying it! She WILL love this one day..she will πŸ™‚

Yes, I’m sitting on another potty seat we have for her in these pictures hahaha – like I said, NO shame here.

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