This started as a trash the dress sort of idea and I definitely turned it into bridals, anniversary AND a soak the dress session! I just got so excited to see Marie and her beautiful face that lights up a room again that I had to use her for more than just the dress in the ocean part. I loved her gorgeous Maya Couture gown and their wedding day last October at the Lesner Inn was nothing short of fabulous! Louie as usual was a good sport and treated me right 🙂 I love a good guy and he is definitely one of favorite thing about him is how much he LOVES, adores and protects his Marie…they are too sweet together!

We started about 45 minutes before I normally would with a LOT of available light so I worked the challenge and loved the results..enjoy their images! 🙂

virginia-beach-trash-the-dress-photo-12013-09-17_0001 virginia-beach-trash-the-dress-photo-3 virginia-beach-trash-the-dress-photo-5 virginia-beach-trash-the-dress-photo-6 virginia-beach-trash-the-dress-photo-7 virginia-beach-trash-the-dress-photo-8 virginia-beach-trash-the-dress-photo-9 virginia-beach-trash-the-dress-photo-10 virginia-beach-trash-the-dress-photo-11 virginia-beach-trash-the-dress-photo-12 virginia-beach-trash-the-dress-photo-13 virginia-beach-trash-the-dress-photo-14 virginia-beach-trash-the-dress-photo-15 virginia-beach-trash-the-dress-photo-16 virginia-beach-trash-the-dress-photo-17 virginia-beach-trash-the-dress-photo-18 virginia-beach-trash-the-dress-photo-19 virginia-beach-trash-the-dress-photo-20 virginia-beach-trash-the-dress-photo-21 virginia-beach-trash-the-dress-photo-22 virginia-beach-trash-the-dress-photo-23 virginia-beach-trash-the-dress-photo-24 virginia-beach-trash-the-dress-photo-25 virginia-beach-trash-the-dress-photo-26 virginia-beach-trash-the-dress-photo-27 virginia-beach-trash-the-dress-photo-28 virginia-beach-trash-the-dress-photo-29 virginia-beach-trash-the-dress-photo-30 virginia-beach-trash-the-dress-photo-31 virginia-beach-trash-the-dress-photo-32 virginia-beach-trash-the-dress-photo-33 virginia-beach-trash-the-dress-photo-34 virginia-beach-trash-the-dress-photo-35 virginia-beach-trash-the-dress-photo-36 virginia-beach-trash-the-dress-photo-37 virginia-beach-trash-the-dress-photo-38

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