Ashley + Chris | Virginia Beach Engagements

These two have been together six years and are tying the knot in 2015! They have a lot of patience but are so wise to take their time planning so they can have the wedding they want, and that beautiful day in May will be well deserved and long awaited 🙂 The beginning of the session you’ll notice some fur babies, Rusty + Rudder, complete with adorable bow ties a cute sign — and then the rest of the session is simply sweet with lots of sunlight and even more..cute signs! I LOVE props! 🙂

Ashley and Chris you made it so easy! I loved working you on this perfect weather day..and you were such good sports letting me over shoot and get way too excited left and right! ENJOY! 🙂

virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-2 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-3 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-4 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-52013-09-26_0001 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-7 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-8 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-9 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-10 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-11 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-12 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-13 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-14 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-15 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-16 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-17 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-18 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-19 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-20 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-212013-09-26_0002 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-24 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-25 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-26 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-27 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-28 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-29 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-30 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-31 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-32 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-33 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-342013-09-26_0003 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-37 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-38 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-39 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-40 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-41 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-42 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-43 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-44 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-45 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-46 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-47 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-48 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-49 virginia-beach-engagement-with-dogs-50

12 thoughts on “Ashley + Chris | Virginia Beach Engagements

  1. Oh my GOSH!!!!!!!! I can’t even BEGIN to decide which ones I like the best! Not that I’m prejudiced or anything since she’s my daughter and he’s my future son, but these are beyond gorgeous! Love love LOVE them!

  2. I would never be able to pick my favorite!! They are ALL incredible!! I have been to a wedding where Amanda did the pictures and they were off the charts perfection!! These pictures are only a glimpse as to how good the wedding pictures will be!!
    She has captured the love between Ashley and Chris so perfectly!!
    Congratulations to everyone!!

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