You know what really grinds my geahs? Sorry, I love that scene from Family Guy, and have always wanted to actually use it. ANYWHO…

Truthfully, though, have you ever heard someone say something to your pregnant wife that you know wasn’t the best thing to say to her? The kind of thing where you literally see the fires of Hell blazing in her eyes and tears welling at the same time? The kind of thing that angers her and makes her psychotically mad, but simultaneously you can see her heart shattering, too? It happens every now and then, but unfortunately happened a couple times in the past two days.

I wasn’t present for the exchange, but when the sounds of those phrases left my wife’s mouth when she was telling me about it after getting home from work, I grabbed the nearest bowl of M&Ms and pack of Double-Stuffed Oreos because I knew it was one of those days.

My wife is tiny. Like REALLY tiny. Anyone that has met my wife in person can attest to this. She is what I have dubbed “fun-sized” and “my cute blonde chin rest”. This girl has gained less than 10 pounds thus far, going along about the same as when she was carrying Camryn. Although she began showing earlier this time, she has a short torso, so it looks like she swallowed a NBA regulation-sized basketball. The woman is all Ellie-belly, and looks beautiful. There are just certain things that some people should not say.

I am always curious as to whether people stop and think before saying certain things to pregnant women, or if they think about it later, and realize how close to their demise they may have been depending on the mom-to-be? I really wonder what people are thinking when they provide their commentary in public about a pregnant woman’s weight, in earshot of them, rather than giving them praise for being out and about running errands by themselves when they are that far along, trying to carry all those groceries by themselves? Perhaps next time, instead of saying something about how large they look, ask if you can help them with their bags? I don’t know, just a consideration. I’ve seen my wife after this, heard her sobbing over the phone to me in the past telling me about what someone just said to them while she was out at lunch. Let’s watch what we say, be considerate of what these women are going through, compliment instead of insult (even if you think you’re joking, with what their going through and with their hormones, they don’t take it as a joke). Look it up online, I found a ton of stuff on “What not to say to pregnant women” just by searching it on Google:

So, guys, be prepared for this: it is going to happen. Be there for them, and be ready for the tears/rage that will come from it. Be ready with the candy, chocolate, back rub, whatever she needs after the harsh words.

And, general public, watch what you say to my wife.

Or I will cut you.

Cammy with a mosquito bite above her eye, and my wife looking beautiful even though she thinks she looks like a “hot mess”.

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  1. Love it! I’m 8 months preggo and hate the mean comments too. Like “wow, you’re gonna pop any day now, huh?” ….nope. I’m only 5.5 months pregnant but thank you for insinuating I’m much larger than I should be. Oh well… Some of the nice compliments outweigh the bad things 🙂 you look beautiful Amanda!!

  2. Love it, Mike! Kudos for speaking your mind and being a protector! Amanda, you look A-MAZING! Congratulations to Ellie and Camryn for having such great parents! 🙂

  3. Holy Toledo! That is the sweetest…and I wish all men and woman would understand it. I was asked so many times if I was having twins because of the size of my belly which really angered the mess out of me. Amanda is an absolute beautiful person preggo or not.

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