I guess I was busy being pregnant and kinda busy while there was a huge battle going on in the industry between the shoot and share community and the profit from prints and products photographers, but I just wanted to explain briefly why I choose to shoot and share, I get some emails about it monthly and here is my chance to attach a link and send those inquiring minds right to this blog post 🙂

There is NO right or wrong.

Some people have lower session fees and then profit more heavily from selling prints, products, albums, canvases, etc and not giving the digital files to the client OR selling them separately.
Some people have session fees that seem a little higher up but you are given the digital images and rights to print so you don’t have to purchase that separately or rely on the photographer to order everything for you.

Does this make sense? It should! It’s pretty simple. Moving rapidly into a very digital age, shoot and share is gaining a lot of popularity but there are still very successful print sale photographers everywhere!

My digital files are given to my clients as part of their investment, therefore I shoot and share. Here is why for ME, it works best!

Reason #1…Convenience. Although there are some VERY successful photographers who can charge $250 for a session and make $1000 in products and prints, to me..this is about convenience. I am a working mama with a second little girl on the way…and to me, taking on the task of fulfilling more print and product orders sounds paralyzing! I am always busting my butt to keep up with emails, deliver an incredible turn around time for blog posts and images (how about that in bold, totally tooting my own horn!) and the album design process for me is lagging MONTHS behind what I want to it to be because it takes so long for me to build one! It’s so much more convenient for me to say HERE are all your high res images, in a download link, straight to your computer. I ask to have them printed preferably at Mpix.com (my print release doesn’t allow Walmart, Walgreens, etc printing because it’s not fair for my clients to invest money in their experience and get a poor print result…I suggest MPIX for sure! And other online print labs that have GREAT CHEAP prices!) or whatever works. I ask for canvases and albums to be ordered through me if possible, but prints and other products are ok’d.

Reason #2…I just feel like the digital age we’re in and the capability of my clients who are all pretty tech savvy calls for them to be in control of the images, especially because they did pay for the service and I have it built into my prices already. My clients respect the rules and don’t edit my images, they don’t crop them, they don’t change the colors or tones. They listen and they for the most part give me credit in the info line of any image they post on Facebook using my business name or website!

Reason #3…It’s a bigger seller for me. I don’t think as a client I’d be too excited about seeing a photographer within my budget and then SURPRISE! $1000 minimum to get your hands on those digital images. It’s definitely their right to sell that way, but I try to avoid big surprise factors like that marketing wise. I get a lot of people writing to me “do we get the digital images/rights to print?” and when I tell them yes, they are more excited to book knowing that service is built into my pricing already and it won’t be an extra expense. I love simplicity. You pay me this much for my talent, services, time, and you get your images. That’s it! 🙂


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  1. Love it! I too shoot and share and it always books me more clients because sooo many people are opposed to having to spend even MORE money on the images when they’ve already paid for a service (I as a photog wouldn’t hire a print sales photog to take my family pictures). And like you said– we live in a very tech-savvy world and I feel like the ‘print sale’ photographer is a thing of the past! So glad you posted this 🙂

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