I love being able to share these posts as a second time momma because even though I think I did a great job shopping before the first baby was born, now I REALLY know what works! I know more about the products, the equipment and what I really needed and what I didn’t. And..what I liked having as a minor luxury 🙂

Firstly I have to tell you guys, I think buying ahead is one of the best and smartest moves you can make! Sure, you can put all of these small things on your registry and have people buy them for you..but we found we didn’t get most things we needed and we had to end up last minute going to shop a TON for what we needed. If you have a big awesome giving and spoiling family then you’re probably all set!!! We definitely had to buy the majority of our own things so it was rough but this time around, we’ve learned our lesson and have been buying the whole time. Plus, you can always leave the bigger stuff (swings, strollers, etc) on the registry for family and friends and hope they get it or give you gift cards..and you can take care of these specific smaller things along the way so you spend less at one time and span it better over the course of a period of time.

So let’s talk feeding supplies. I think it’s kind of beneficial to buy category by category until you have everything off your list for each one, for instance, starting with feeding.

My first thing this time around was a breast pump (my awesome friend let me use hers last pregnancy and I wore it down, because I was nursing for 16 months) – and this is the most expensive item of all of the feeding items. BUT…What I paid for it compared to how much formula costs is a no brainer, I am saving so so so so so much money by nursing that the investment of $200+ for an electric pump is nothing! Bless those who try and can’t– I commend you for the effort because it’s not easy at all! I am praying I can this time around again. We saved enough money to buy FIVE L-SERIES LENSES that year and a brand new camera. It was very hard at first, it was hard for about six weeks honestly and I cried a lot but it was so worth it and I am looking forward to doing it again, and hoping I can!

I LOVE THE MEDELA BRAND!!! LOVE! They just really have it together, I love their products! I kept an eye out and waiting until I saw a deal, and sure enough at Babies R Us the one I want that’s usually $280 was on sale for $225 last week and I jumped on it! That’s a huge savings and it’s something I NEED anyway, so that was a big purchase for us. The one I got is wonderful and comes with a mini cooler, storage bottles, a PORTABLE battery operated charger (AWESOME, now I don’t have to buy the car charger accessory) and the tubes, membranes and other accessories. This brand is wonderful because you can actually buy different “sized” parts depending on your bust and instead of the hard plastic they have a more comforting softer plastic attachment available too. I definitely recommending buying extra attachments so that you don’t have to stop and ALWAYS wash the parts right away if you’re busy before pumping again, it’s great to have a backup!

**ALSO– these are usually available at Burlington Coat Factory for cheaper than Target and Babies R Us, you just have to find them at the right time! And Babies R Us WILL price match!

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ALSO this time around, thanks to one of my clients, I have a hands free pumping bra. Lord have mercy I wish I knew about this last time earlier, I could have answered SO MANY EMAILS while pumping! AHH! You really can get so much done with one of those things..if you’re a small business owner, buy one! You will be able to hold a book, phone or type more easily– worth it!

Next, bottles. I LOVE Dr. Brown’s….I can’t say much else about them except they’re amazing. And this time? They have PURPLE AND PINK versions, I’m in girly girl heaven! I don’t think you can over buy on bottles really because washing them, especially Dr. Brown’s..takes time. It has a tube in the middle of it to help with reflux and how much baby the air is swallowing to relieve stomach problems, they’re amazing! If you’re formula feeding you DEFINITELY need a ton of bottles as far as I’ve heard from my friends, so just remember you do need a lot of these! You don’t want to be drowning in dirty bottles so give yourself a break and buy a little extra 🙂 I buy both sizes, the small and large but mostly the large- just because eventually when she starts drinking more pumped milk she’ll be drinking larger quantities. Both are nice to have though 🙂


Bottle brushes and bottle dishwashing liquid- key! Also, we liked this GRASS drying rack for bottles this time, the first time we had a two story white revolving one from Babies R Us and I can’t tell you how frustrating it was to constantly watch things fall off of it and onto the floor or back into the sink and having to re-wash all the time!

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Newborn pacis, we like this brand a lot :)- Avent


Bibs, in case you have a spit up baby! I can’t believe Cammy hardly EVER spit up, but bibs are great just in case because sometimes a little something comes up 🙂 Burp cloths are great too– but we haven’t found any yet that we like- still looking! Otherwise, I’m sure we’ll just use the bibs and receiving blankets to wipe that drool and spit up.


Breast milk storage bags and definitely breast pads for leakage, it’s so important. I literally had them in my camera bag (the pads) while shooting weddings because you will NEED THEM THEN big time girlfriend! I LOVE buying this stuff ahead of time! This purple box brand is the ONLY ONE I like for the pads, I tried the others and they just weren’t great for me at all. I’m planning on donating breast milk this time around too so it was important for me to buy extra bags!


So we’re all set in this category 🙂 Next blog will be on EQUIPMENT and other random baby things! If I forgot something..I will just probably be by Babies R Us picking it up soon! Make sure you use a Rewards Points card if you shop there, too!

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  1. This is awesome!!! I am a wedding photog and first time mom soon so these posts hit right at home for me. Also, the Medela breast pumps are covered by a lot of insurance companies as of 2013 you just have to talk to your insurance company to see if you qualify 🙂 A great savings of money though. My SIL got hers for free!

  2. I just had my first baby (finally she is here, birth story on my blog!) and I have the medela swing pump, the lanisoh (purple box) brand of a lot of stuff too! We have a lot of the same stuff and it makes me feel like I know what I am doing haha. I love your series so far, it helps me out so much!!

    thank you so much for doing this!

  3. Once again, an awesome post! For burp cloths I recommend the thicker cloth diapers (very absorbent) at Target and the burp cloths by aden & anais, they double as bibs too. I got one at my shower and found the rest either on clearance or on sale. You have to keep an eye out because the regular price is $10!

  4. Awesome post Amanda! I am an expecting mum and I am still in the process of learning things that I should know about my baby and your list definitely helped me! I have a tip to share though, if you are in a tight budget just like me, you can purchase these baby feeding products from factory outlets just like http://www.babyvalue.com.au/ or check out ebay.com for great finds. You can also collect discount coupons–I do this and it helps me save a lot 🙂

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