When I met Katie and her mama a few weeks ago in Starbucks to discuss her wedding day, we were so much alike I told her Lucas was going to be in for it when it was engagement time! We are two peas in a pod and it makes it so easy for us to understand each other and for us to work together and never stop laughing! On a warm..unusually warm day…in October, we walked around the beautiful and still blooming Norfolk Botanical Gardens from location to location stopping every time I saw something picture worthy– which was often! They have such a variety of backdrops to use there I LOVE shooting there! 🙂

These two have absolutely no problem snuggling up and flirting..which is ALWAYS my goal! I LOVE when people realize that the more they are themselves together in front of the camera, the more they will love the results and feel like they are getting a true reflection of who they are in their images! They played, they laughed, we had a great time even in the heat..and I can’t say enough about how much I LOVE their images from this session!!! I think I need a canvas in my office of one of these shots!! 🙂 Thanks Katie and Lucas for being perfectly yourselves and SO in love 🙂 Can’t wait until September 2014!!!!!!! 🙂

norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-1 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-2 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-3 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-4 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-5 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-6 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-7 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-82013-10-07_0001 An heirloom ring from Lucas’ side of the family, love!norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-11 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-12 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-13 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-14 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-15 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-16 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-17 We risked so many potential bee stings for this next set– so worth it! 🙂norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-18 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-19 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-20 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-21 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-22 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-23 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-24 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-25 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-26 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-27A new favorite of all time for me! norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-28 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-29 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-30 The light here..amazing!norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-312013-10-07_0002 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-32 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-35 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-36 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-37 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-38 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-39 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-41 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-422013-10-07_0003 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-44 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-45 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-46 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-47 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-48 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-49 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-50 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-51 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-52 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-53We were walking to our cars and I LOVED how it was still light out but they had the lights turned on! Perfect last minute shot! 🙂 norfolk-botanical-gardens-wedding-photo-engagements-54

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  1. Katie is the sweetest girl I think I know. If Lucas is anything like her (which I am sure he is) this is a match made in heaven. I can not wait to see what magic you (Amanda) can bring out in these two already beautiful people! Love the Photos Katie….

  2. Amy and I (Mike) are Lucas’s parents. We have watched him grow into a young man that we are both extremely proud of both in his personal Christian testimony and his choice in Katie for his future wife. She is such a sweet young lady and they both naturally compliment each other. Looking forward to what the Lord has in store for their future together!!!

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