We’ve all heard it, even men, on all topics and not just pregnancy. “Oh you think you’re stressed now? Just wait until..” “You have a heavy workload in high school? Just wait until college” “You think life’s hard now? Just wait until you’re paying bills and working and etc etc etc” Your WHOLE life is full of negative and warning-style wait untils from bitter Betties out there to increase your stress level. Some think it’s helpful, some KNOW they are being buttheads. Because of their life experiences and how they feel about things…they have to throw out “just wait until” so that you know how bad it’s going to get..for you, apparently.

Lately I have had – FINALLY – a GOOD streak of just wait untils. My friend with two little boys close together in age texted me two days ago on a rainy day where I had the windows open with the cool fall breeze pouring in, some apple and pumpkin candles lit, sitting down to eat an awesome lunch I had time to make while Cammy napped (something that many people told me I would never be able to do). She was giving me ALL the best “wait untils”. Just wait until you see how sweet Cammy is with Ellie, etc. She has the same mentality about motherhood I do, we adore it and wouldn’t trade anything in this world for it. We are addicted to our little ones and head over heels smitten even on the hardest of days. Even through the fits and tempers.

Then another friend in Richmond who has two little girls close together in age, she and I correspond every now and then and she ALWAYS makes me feel so pumped about the two baby life. She tells me all the little sweet things her oldest does and how loving she is toward her little sister. Is it always easy? NO! But do you really think we don’t know that hahah!? I didn’t say Mike, it’d be a piece of cake to have two babies under 2 1/2, let’s do it. Because it’ll be so easy.

Be one of the GOOD just wait untils. Not the one who posts on people’s statuses “just wait until” followed by some description of a trial and tribulation. Don’t be a joy killer! “Just wait until they’re a teenager and…” — don’t call yourself out on your rough relationship with your kids in a time where new parents should be enjoying and soaking all of this up. Let a little ignorance be bliss, if it’s apparently that bad! And remember before you “just wait until” someone— 90% of the “just wait untils” I got? NEVER HAPPENED. Cammy is VERY wild and sassy but she is a joy and I guess it has something to do with me WANTING to become a mother so much that I don’t see all of these negative things others point out about parenthood and toddlers, etc.

I think it has a lot to do with parenting and personality styles, what kind of people have a more “just wait until” view of parenthood. In Target a couple weeks ago, a lady was with her mother and had her child there and the MOTHER, aka the grandma kept spanking the little boy, younger than Cammy (who is not even two) over and over and over and over and naturally, his reaction was to act worse…because he was being hit. I’d be worse, too! Watching this made me think how different we all are and reminded me of all of the people who always have something negative to say about baby/toddler behavior. Is that the kind of person I see writing and saying “just wait until” to someone who is full of bliss and joy and enjoying parenthood? Yes!!! Here’s how differently I run things and why I don’t understand people’s negative mentality on parenthood:

Yesterday she broke down HORRIBLY in Rite Aid, screaming at the top of her lungs, hitting me, yelling NO in my face, and for 60 seconds I threw everything on the ground, held her, hugged her and despite the vicious temper just rubbed her back and repeated “it’s okay, it’s okay, mama’s here, you’re gonna be okay, it’s okay” and you know what? She calmed down with a red face and soaking wet shirt from tears, she calmed down. She just……….calmed down. I was patient. It was hard..remember, I’m six months pregnant and I was crouching down to do this and take care of her. But it paid off, she got her emotions out and was back to her old sweet self ASAP.  JUST WAIT UNTIL I don’t have to spank my child to make them behave despite the most intense of tempers. Just wait until you learn to parent so beautifully and peacefully in the hardest of situations. Just wait until you see it’s not as bad as everyone says if you don’t want it to be…some days will you will lose, some days you will win. It’s hard but you have every right to maintain a positive mindset about the most beautiful gift of having a child if that’s what you want! 🙂

NEW MOMMIES and MOMMIES TO BE- it’s coming, someone’s going to say just wait until. My hope for you is you have more people in your life who give you the GOOD just wait untils, the kind that raise your hope and anticipation and make your heart flutter!! I remember one of my last posts before I had Cammy I was saying I was about to have her any day now and I was heading out for a shopping trip for the last big stock up before she arrived and someone wrote “yeah enjoy it now because when you have to haul the baby in it’s gonna be that much harder!” I remember my response, thanks to the pregnancy hormones: “Wait a second…are you saying I can’t just leave the baby in the car? I have to take them in?!” —- sassy, I know, but it’s the best way to respond when your hormones are on fire and you need to set these negative Nancies straight 🙂

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  1. just wait…two babies to love…two babies to hold and snuggle…just wait, when they are playing and giggling together and dressing up and being the best of friends…just wait <3 the best is yet to come – great great post <3

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