This couple has something VERY special and unique about them that I get to put down in my history book as a photographer. When they first told me, I couldn’t believe it and I immediately admired them for it! Christabel and Andrew decided to save their first kiss…for their wedding day! This meant that *I* was the one who got to capture this beautiful moment!

Everyone knows church rules can be strict, so I knew I would have to be pretty fast and quick to capture this moment. They wanted me to stand in a certain spot the entire time during the ceremony that was off to the side and VERY unrealistic to be able to capture such an important moment, so you know what I did? I jetted by pregnant belly through a set of pews for this moment and shot with no abandon. I do not regret it either, because I caught it!!! It was sweet, beautiful and completely endearing. I LOVE this couple and their deep faith for their religion and their very pure and beautiful love for one another! I love the way Andrew looks at his wife, and how she instantly smiles the second he’s around. They were definitely brought together for a reason and I am so happy they are officially husband and wife beginning a beautiful life together just in time for the holidays, which I think Christabel loves as much as me! 🙂

Thank you two for being sweet, dodging the rain with me and being such a constant joy to work with. I’m SO glad you two have found each other!! 🙂

THANK YOU Sachel for all your hard work assisting!! :):)

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  1. Lovely, happy couple! The pictures are fantastic! We wish you many, many wonderful years together! -Helen, an old friend of your Mom!

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