The last Buying for Baby in the New Mom Series was about feeding and can be found here!

I loved sharing that post! It was definitely all about my preferences and definitely had some aim toward moms planning to nurse but it got incredible feedback so I am glad everyone liked it! I remember being a new mom with Cammy on the way and just reading list after list in books and online but talking to real moms was the best because I could get more details and thorough explanations whey they did or didn’t like something. That’s always what I’m aiming to give readers and new mamas in my New Mom Series! A fresh and personal perspective.

When it comes to bed time, we have different items this time compared to what we had for Cammy, because we realize what we wanted to have and would be more comfortable with this time around. With Cammy, we had her crib and we had a video monitor. But guess where she slept? With us. For months and months. Still to this day, she sleeps with us for half of every night because she starts in her bed and wakes up crying for us and our attention and we LOVE having with her with us! She is steadily getting more and more used to her bed and independence but we are not pressuring her. No good results ever come from rushing that girl, she lives life on her own terms.

This time around, because Cammy spends so much time with us in bed still, we have a bassinet to put right beside our bed for the first few months. Yes, Cammy and Mike may end up on the couch sometimes if I need to bring the baby in bed with me, especially because I plan on nursing again exclusively as long as I can but we thought the bassinet would be a great option this time. It’s level with our bed (it’s adjustable) and it has a mobile, sound, vibration, etc. I LOVE it! It’s got wheels too so we can take it in any room with us. I can put her in her and Cammy’s room during the day for naps, I can take her out into the living room in it.

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We also purchased an Angel Care monitor this time. We didn’t have this the first time, and I am surprised we didn’t! A friend suggested it and it completely slipped our minds to get one. We had to make so many of our purchases on our own for Cammy and because my business was new we were spending a lot of money investing there also, so it would have been a difficult extra expense to process even if we had remembered. Angel Care monitors are pretty much for peace of mind. They monitor your baby’s movement basically and if your baby isn’t moving for a certain amount of seconds, it goes off. This is an amazing invention and we should have had this the first time around. It cost us a lot of money but we are glad to have it. Our goal is to of course sometimes sleep or nap with the new baby (SAFELY, please do NOT message me about this! We did this successfully and safely with Cammy for months!) but for the most part she’ll be in her bassinette with this monitor.


We already have a video monitor. This is something I would NEVER go without! Having a video monitor is a total lifesaver and helps you see where that paci has been spit out before you run in the room so you know where to grab before putting back in, where they are rolling around to and lots of other activity instead of sitting and just listening for hints. Kudos to our parents generation for getting by without one! We LOVE having one.


Extra sheets for the crib and bassinet are a must! Also, a baby mattress pad is always nice for a little safe cushion and comfort.

Bumpers/bumper pads aren’t really necessary at first and not recommended for the first 6 months to a year according to our pediatrician but they do sell breathable and mesh ones. We started with them on the crib when Cammy was too young to roll around and then took them off when she started rolling, and then had them back on by 1 year.

Swaddle blankets to keep brand new babies comforted and tightly bundled and asleep. Here and here are two kinds I love! There are soft almost flannel-y kinds and then cotton stretttchy kinds, both are great!


White noise such as a white noise machine, music, radio static or a fan. We definitely prefer a fan and now Mike and I can’t even sleep without one on!

I hope this helps! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  1. We co-slept with ALL three of ours and personally I see NOTHING wrong with it. I love, love, love the Angel Care Monitors and wish they had them with my kids. Congrats on your new addition soon to come.

  2. Ah Amanda! We’re doing the same thing this go around! And I’m completely right there with you on sleeping arraignments and standing by your guns. You’re the Momma, you’ve already got one wonderful daughter, and everything you’re doing is going to raise another wonderful one! Props to you lady!!! <3

  3. We have that bassinet! It is wonderful. Maxine normally sleeps with me downstairs but when we are upstairs the bassinet is where she sleeps because she isn’t crib ready yet. Next time we have a kid we are budgeting for the angel monitor! This time we didn’t have the funds for it. We have swaddlers but of course the baby hates being swaddled! We are definitely saving them for next time.

    I love that you are doing this series. My baby may be a month old now, but these posts are so helpful and they really have me excited for my next kid already. Thank you so much for doing this!

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