I don’t know how to even get through typing this, I just sat and watched Cammy’s first set of videos from the week she was born. We had a little flip cam and took it ALL in. The night she was born, it was just Mike and I in the hospital room and we got alone time with her finally, and we video taped. We video taped her first hiccups, her first time riding in the car on the way home, and even us walking into the house with her for the first time. It reinforced what I do for a living and how important it is to document life when I got to sit down and watch those videos today. Cammy will ALWAYS have these to look back on, and the images that Tara Liebeck Photography captured in the hospital that day too–like the first time she ever held Mike’s finger…Tara caught that. It was amazing and it’s his favorite pic of all time.

I know some people do home births and birthing centers, but I’ll just speak from my perspective– and you can make it as your own. When you prepare to go wherever you’re going to go to have your baby, and you have your bag packed…bring your camera/video camera. Don’t worry about how you look, the videos are private and personal and your baby one day isn’t going to go UGH mom you looked rough, they’ll be so glad they have this! We are SO glad Tara took our pictures because it’s a crazy day..but when they bring your baby back in the room at the end of the first night, and you get those couple hours of alone time together, there is NOTHING like it! They are our favorite videos– her first moments on this Earth she’ll always have to look back on.

We went in on a Friday to be induced, I had really low amniotic fluid among a couple of other issues so after nothing happening Friday, we had a c-section Saturday. I’m totally okay with it, I just wanted Cammy here safely. Do I wish I gave natural birth? Of course! And I wanted her on my chest after giving birth, I really did..but I didn’t get that. But you know what, I didn’t fail, I did what I was supposed to do and my doctor is the most amazing woman in the world, I trust her with our lives. In fact– when I had originally gone with DePaul because of the RAVE reviews from everyone, it was a horrible fit from day one until the last time I ever walked in there. Every appointment was a disappointment. When I got in a car accident pregnant with Cammy at 26-28 weeks, and starting have bad contractions….I called them and they told me to stop stressing and go home and rest. Instead, I followed my mama instinct, went to Princess Anne emergency room and Dr. Olds saved my little girl…I had been contracting so frequently I was starting the labor process. SO REALLY DEPAUL? Thanks for the blessing in disguise! We now have our hero doctor that we love and adore.

She’s turning two in 6 days and I have to share some of these REALLY intimate, pretty embarrassing because I look TERRIBLE and sound like a crazy woman baby-talking and in-love videos and images- but they are so real. Yes, I was still a little drugged, but I think being so deeply in love was my main drug that night hahaha! I LOVED being able to finally hold my little girl after watching everyone else get a turn, I was shaking so badly from the surgery that it was hard to enjoy holding her earlier that day.

Sorry ahead of time for Mike’s super boring narration skills, they have since improved. I think! Hahah! I really am embarrassed about how much of a mess I am but these are our first moments as a family and some of her first awake glimpses into the world, I am so glad we took time to make a small video that night! These nights at the hospital were SO amazing, and of course– Princess Anne Sentara is like a luxury hotel with top notch nurses so I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! šŸ™‚

IMG_4920 IMG_4959 IMG_4990 IMG_4994Look at the difference, this is what 0-2 looks like, breaking my heart but making me SO proud seeing the little lady she is becoming! cammy-pumpkin-15

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  1. This makes me so happy! What precious videos! It makes me happy mostly because I will be delivering our third (and first birth for my husband to witness as he has been deployed when I gave birth to the other two) at sentara princess anne in February! You just confirmed my excitement for this facility! Thank you! And good luck with this next baby girl!!!

  2. Love it!!! And I never knew but Mike has such a lovely soothing voice…didn’t mind the narration at all!!!! šŸ™‚

  3. One of the reasons why I love your blog/photography is because you are very down to earth. Every mommy looks and sounds just like you did/do so dont begin to worry about that. Don and I love watching videos of Nicole when we first brought her home. A month ago i posted a pic you took at Joannas wedding of Nicole looking over my shoulder (@3 mos) side by side with a pic Joanna took this September(@15 mos) . It still brings tears to my eyes. The gift of life is such a blessing and you most certainly cherish it! Praises to you and your family for capturing the moments!

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