She’s done this probably 6 or 7 times for us already. We can’t thank her enough. She was THERE when Cammy was born. The first time Cammy ever held her hand up and grabbed Mike’s finger, Tara was there..and we have that image. The first time I held her (without shaking like when I was in recovery) and kissed Mike with Cammy in my arms, she was there. We LOVE Tara for so many reasons. She’s honest, she’s sassay, she’s talented…but she just wants the best for good people. She works so hard too and is in school (still Tara, still? HAHAH) and runs a business and has a family. We love and admire and relate to her.

In fact– she and Mike are soulmates and it’s crazy how much they have in common…they hate olives, they are okay with a little mess, they can SIT in a ROOM and watch tv with things on the floor?!?!? HAHAHA I CAN NOT! Well, we love her and she’s done it again and made us feel beautiful and captured our real selves for our family pictures/Cammy’s two/maternity with Elle Marie 🙂 Here are some of our faves!

And you know why I kind of look like a babe for these? Because Chessy our dear friend and fellow vendor of Blushing Brides VA made me look SO beautiful with hair and makeup skills!!! I can’t believe it…I was shocked hahahah! 🙂

Link to Tara’s site HERE

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