Anna + Chris Holiday Session | Back Bay Farms | Couples

I love them, it’s pretty obvious– I was so fortunate enough to be a part of their wedding this past April with the amazing pink and navy blue stylings of Anna and her ability to make everything look amazing! When they wanted a mini Christmas shoot together and to include their cute little fur babies– I was so on it! Of course, it came out cozy, warm and sweet like I knew it would. These two are ALL about each other and it always shows!

Back Bay Farms is awesome for letting us use their property! They are REALLY sweet and if every place you called to check around with was as polite of them, Hampton Roads would be an even prettier place πŸ™‚ Thank you again to them for letting us use this area for the perfect little holiday shoot for a couple I ADORE! πŸ™‚

anna-chris-holiday-10 anna-chris-holiday-26 anna-chris-holiday-30 anna-chris-holiday-39 anna-chris-holiday-46 anna-chris-holiday-47 anna-chris-holiday-50 anna-chris-holiday-54 anna-chris-holiday-58 anna-chris-holiday-65 anna-chris-holiday-66 anna-chris-holiday-69 anna-chris-holiday-73 anna-chris-holiday-82 anna-chris-holiday-86 anna-chris-holiday-88 anna-chris-holiday-96 anna-chris-holiday-108 anna-chris-holiday-115 anna-chris-holiday-119 anna-chris-holiday-124 anna-chris-holiday-129 anna-chris-holiday-136 anna-chris-holiday-140

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