Here they are. Some of the last documented pictures of my first born daughter while it’s just her.

I have so much I want to tell her that she won’t understand right now. Little girl, you are the one who made me a mother. It was YOU that served as my learning experience from diapers to nursing to making baby food to learning patience, understanding, how to teach and how to love more deeply than I ever imagined. Your sister will have two parents who know a little more about what they’re doing because of you. You are the sweetest and most beautiful little angel we could have ever dreamed of having and I can’t thank you enough. These are our last days as the only two ladies of the house, but I’m so excited to welcome little Elle into our girl club 🙂

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  1. As a mother of 2 and just recently having my second ..that is the best message ever .. and great way to tell her she is so special!! Great blog Amanda !! A big fan of yours and fellow photog. from richmond, va with Sisters By Design Photography! Great post! <3

  2. Amanda- I read every blog you post and as a new mother, this was so special. I am still learning the “momisms,” because my little man is only 11 months; but it is true how they teach you as much as you teach them. Your posts brighten my days and give my wisdom in my adventures to come. Thank you so much!

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