This is the last post I’m doing before Elle Marie enters this world!!! šŸ™‚ I have to admit, after this AMAZING picture my husband took outside in the dark in the snow on January 21 happened, I have to admit I’m glad she didn’t come earlier like I had been so desperate for! šŸ™‚ Now Ellie girl will get the prettiest picture of her mama and her in the snow together just days before she arrives!

Thank you to EVERYONE who liked and commented and shared the image, it meant so much to us considering we were outside with $1200 worth of flashes, a $3500 camera and a $1400 lens in the heavy snowfall and VERY tricky wind! Did I mention our backyard is a hill that rolls down to a lake? So yes it was tricky, but Mikey- you did WONDERFULLY! šŸ™‚


And besides this image I was SO EXCITED to get our little snow bunny in the snow making what must have been the ugliest snowman of all time…we had limited time and resources so yep it was celery arms, baby carrot nose and black olive eyes and worried mouth hahahah! Look at the pictures of her from last year in the snow on these past blogs!! Snow Day 2013 Part One + Snow Day 2013 Part Two

Thanks to my dad, her “G-Dog” for making this horrible snowman because I was too pregnant to keep bending down hahaha!

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