This has been blogged about 1000 times by so many, but that’s because it’s THAT important. I can’t even tell you.

On the way home from errands last week, the same week we had our daughter, I asked Mike if we could stop in Farm Fresh because I wanted fresh salad and fruit. For some amazing reason, I am craving {mostly} healthy food after giving birth. Who knew?!

Walking in, I saw the latest issue of VOW Magazine out and I had to take a look to see what beautiful local photog friends work was in it. Of course I’m in love with David Schwartz’s stuff so that was beautiful to see, and flipping through, I noticed an image of mine being used by a vendor. And another. And another. AND ANOTHER! I couldn’t believe it! Right then and there, in the entrance way to Farm Fresh with my TWO little gals and my husband, I was teary eyed and sooo emotional over this! Sure, I just had a baby…but I gotta tell you guys…things like this mean something to me. So many vendors and photographers are so used to it that they’re not even phased by it, but to me, it was an honor that several vendors felt like my work was worthy of representing their brand and product! Immediately my ADORABLE husband said, “Oh I have an idea! Grab an extra one of these so I can make you something and frame it!” Yeah– we’re that couple! Who gets THAT excited!

But really…what kind of person would I be if I wasn’t grateful for the little things like this? If things like this stop being big deals..what does that say about me?! To me it would mean I’m losing passion in what I do, that these little milestones that are big deals to me aren’t anything to be proud of, but just something I should expect. I NEVER want to EXPECT anything to be featured, published, etc. I want to always feel like every single time I see it happen it’s a huge deal and I should be grateful. So I will continue to cry in grocery stores just seeing vendors use my images, because that’s who I am.

Days later, the amazing gal at the Mariner’s Museum sent over their new literature with my image plastered right on the front cover and sweet note to go with it. Additionally, she sent me a copy of the Hampton Roads Wedding planner magazine where I found several MORE of my images being used by vendors! WHAT AN HONOR!! 🙂 I love it so much and want to especially thank those vendors for trusting me to showcase their brand through my images. Their sites are below! 🙂 STAY HUMBLE AND YOU WILL ALWAYS FEEL FULFILLED!!

Thank you to the following!:
Shelley’s Shabby Shack
Maya Couture
Maya on Main
Cakes by Crystal
Mariner’s Museum

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  1. They used your photos because you’re good! And hopefully I’ll get the chance to read my new copy of VOW before our Maya Couture appointment on Friday! Love you!

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