A couple of Sundays ago, I finally dragged my husband to Patient First. For a week or so, he’d been complaining of a weird sunburn like sensation on his upper stomach. Just on the skin, and he didn’t even like for his shirt to touch it, it was really irritating him..which naturally irritated me (you know how those things go in marriage haha). He had tests done and they had no idea what the heck that meant.

Fast forward to days later that week. An X-ray revealed Mike had an enlarged spleen and liver. SCARY. I worked at a gastroenterologist office for a year and knew that could mean a lot of things, and some of them really, really, really bad. So naturally my mind started to wander. I did the ONE thing you’re not supposed to do when it comes to this to avoid freaking yourself out. I “Web MD’d” it.

I sat at the computer emotionally spiraling downward thinking about how this could be something horrible, and what if it took him away from us. I have two children with the love of my life and I NEED him here with me. He’s the other half of my heart, so how could I breathe without him here? I just bawled and bawled. Then, I straightened myself up– got tough and drove him back for a follow up.

The doctors THANKFULLY explained because the swelling wasn’t TOO big, that we could just monitor it over a period of time. We are hoping it continues to not be a big deal at all. But, we kind of still don’t know what it is.

BUT—– I will say, the day that we TOOK him to Patient First, I changed his diet and mine a little too. Mike has already lost weight, is feeling way more energetic naturally and his mystery pain is gone! I am pretty strict with what he’s eating now but I’m not smacking foods out of his hand or hiding anything– he’s ALL about doing this on his own free will. He is LOVING the feeling of eating healthier! He calls me and asks how much of a portion is good, what kinds of dressing and sides are okay..and it doesn’t bother me at all because I want to be there for him.

Amongst all of the busy things we have going on right now, the immense pain I’m still in nursing and fighting through at seven weeks, the conference I’m so stoked to be speaking at this upcoming Friday, sessions, taxes, etc…I am making time to fit this in, helping him, because he is my life. I can’t imagine him being sick or going through a day without him.

Your life changes even when you THINK something may be seriously wrong. What a wake up call for our family, our marriage, our lifestyle. We did something BIG today that I can’t talk about yet to go in the steps of another huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge life change of something we always wanted to do. When you’re scared this intensely and start to realize how precious our health and our lives are, you start feeling differently about your little world. We have been inspired by this to love more and live our life the way WE want to.

I love you, Mike..I am always here for you and I am SO glad you’re feeling better. Don’t you EVER scare me like that again! I’ll get the girls to spit up on you/kick you in the shin! XOXO

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  1. I know how you feel! I’ve had several of those scares with Ben. Course he was older than Mike, even the first time. But needless to say, it’s very frightening! You want to be strong when you have your kids around and at the same time you’re just cringing, and panicking, and doing the what if’s! The worst one we had was when the dermatologist told him he had basal cell skin cancer on his face. He was shaken to the core, and I was a wreck….had no idea it was as commonplace as it is, and not as bad as it sounded, because you don’t want to hear it! Anyway, he had it removed and he’s fine. Mike will be fine as well; just be sure to be his advocate at EVERY doctor appointment, if there ARE others, and ask questions and don’t stop til you get answers. In other words, be the doctor’s worst nightmare! Take a deep breath and hug everyone. Love you!

  2. Hey Amanda……first i just want to say so sorry that you and your husband went through that health scare. And am happy to hear he is doing so much better. I realize that I am something like 30 years older than you but I can def relate. 3 years ago today my husband suffered a major stroke. For 4 days I did not know if he would suvive. Thank goodness he did and recovered 100%. And just 3 months later walked our daughter down the sandy isle on the beach at Kitty Hawk to marry the love of her life! Such a moving event to see him walk without assistance and such pride in our daughter. It made us take a hard look at life, and how short it really is. And how it can change in the blink of an eye. Right then and there we made changes and did the things we had been putting off. We’ve been married almost 35 years and really have no regrets but one…….back when our children were very, very young, we pass on an opportunity to buy a house in Nags Head. We were young, had kids, I was a sahm……so we were scared. It’s our only regret. I have a sneaky feeling that your big news involves moving to the best place on earth. And to you I say GO FOR IT………I love following you and your dreams. And wish you nothing but the very best!!

  3. Hello Amanda! We don’t know each other but I love your work and seeing your family on Instagram! I know how scary it can be to have your other half be sick and not know whats wrong. I know you mentioned you changed your diet and recently, I totally changed my diet with the help of this video: http://www.beyonddiet.com/slim/d?vtag=sn-landing
    It explains that health can be achieved by not eating processed foods or “eating clean” and to only put into your body what it can recognize! I hope you have the time to watch it with 2 girls, your hubby and work!

  4. absolutely in love with the picture of the reflection of him seeing your baby. I love the fact that you can see both him and the reflection clearly… how did you take this? Truly a fan of your work!

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