In a world of critics, find something positive. CHANGE YOUR OUTLOOK. I can admit 100% when I kept different company in my life…I would chime in and jump on that negative Nancy wagon. I sort of molded to their critical-of-everything attitude and although I can’t dare blame them for that seeing how it was my decision to behave that way…I allowed myself to be influenced. I am so different that I was 3, 4, 5 years ago. Going through a hard time, working jobs I didn’t love, having less than kind friends and being burnt out on being so broke all the time really took a toll on me.

Here’s an example recently of old me versus new me:

Recently a man at the mall playground brought out a monopod and his beginner’s DSLR to take pictures of his son playing. With the old company I kept, I can almost HEAR it now..”oh my god, what is he doing?” Calling them a dad/momtographer. Just criticizing them for being new at something or maybe getting a little excited with his equipment.

Thank the lord I’ve changed my life and mentality. My first thought seeing this man was that he was probably one of the cutest things I’d seen that day. This father loves his little boy enough to haul all of his equipment to the little mall playground here in Virginia Beach. He wants to give his little boy memories. He wants to show off his little boy so joyful enjoying his family and play time. You don’t see as many men taking pictures of their kids in public like this and I thought he was an amazing father. THAT………….my friends……….that’s the way to see things to live a better and happier life for yourself, your family and others.

Ways you can change your perspective and not judge so much can start with something very common and relatable to all of us. Let’s go with pictures that people post via Facebook/Instagram.

Babies/Kids pictures: Instead of “ugh gosh ANOTHER picture of her baby?” (yeah so maybe this one I’m writing is in my favor..haha) think to yourselves how many people abuse and abandon their children. Neglect them, completely don’t take care of them. How many end up in foster care.

A little extreme? No. Extreme is judging a parent who loves and adores their child enough to share all of their moments with their friends and family via social media..and if you were really their friend or cared for them at all, you wouldn’t be getting so annoyed…you’d be an adult and keep scrolling past it instead of harboring negativity over something so joyful.

Pet pictures: Same thing! Some people don’t have or want children…so their pet is their baby. There is nothing wrong with them posting 1000 of their cat if that’s like their child. It never bothers me. It’s cute!

Food pictures: I LOVE when people post food pictures! As a person who loves food– it gives me ideas and sometimes helps me think of ways to change our same old dinner routine. I’m grateful to even be able to afford good meals after being so broke years ago and not always having enough to buy groceries! So food pics, bring em on. ESPECIALLY dessert 🙂

Behind the Scenes/Work Pictures: I love that people take the time to post what they are doing at work! Whether they enjoy their job or not, it’s an outlet for them. I appreciate that people want to share tidbits of their lives with their friends. If they’re complaining about Monday morning, that doesn’t bother me either because I KNOW how that feels to have to be at work on Monday morning after a short weekend off! Let people vent. Life is stressful and people miss their friends and families during the work week and I don’t blame them! I know they should be thankful for a job but you can’t expect people to hold in every single emotion regarding work, it’s unnatural to never express yourself when needed.

Everything: All pictures. Unless it’s something physically harmful or abusive being posted, then I just don’t think it’s something to waste your energy on being annoyed about. I love all of my friends and people I follow and network with and I love all that they choose to share. Keep it’s no one’s life but your own that you’re choosing to document and one day when you are looking back through your Facebook, Instagram and Instaprints..don’t regret not posting certain pics because you’re “worried about blowing up someone’s feed with baby pictures” — stop apologizing! WHY did one of my friends recently write that she didn’t want to brag on Instagram and apologize for posting something sweet about her significant other?! Why do my friends apologize for posting “too many pics” of their kids? If anyone has a problem with it, they’re not your friend. End of story.

Let the bride post about her wedding only plan to get married once!
Let the pregnant woman share her story and belly growing.
Let the new parent share the journey of their child growing up.
Dogs, cats, ferrets, fish pet pictures.
Going out/bar pictures, workaholics, vacation pictures..bring em ON.

Don’t limit what you want to share, you get one quick life on this Earth and it’s yours to use how you if you post ten in a row — people can just keep scrollin’ on 🙂

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  1. LOVE this post!!!!! Sometimes I catch myself being *judgy* but then I realize that people are entitled to feel happy, special, and excited about whatever they want <3

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    Reblog from a talented photographer, amazing mother, and fantastic blogger! Amanda could have not written a better post today for me to share with you all.

    I love her optimism and beautiful personality.

    This is a must read!

  3. You’re absolutely right! Thanks for enjoying my crazy pet pictures too! I love seeing pictures of your babies & everyone elses. With being in the military, pictures have always helped me feel like I’m still part of someone’s life as they are sharing what is happening in their life with me even if I’m a hundred or even a thousand miles away. People who become annoyed with such things have more to reflect on in their own lives rather than anyone elses. Great post lady! Can’t wait to see you THIS FRIDAY!! <3

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