I just wanted to get a blog post up today. I tried and tried, I have lots PRE-blogged but they aren’t quite finished. I stressed, I was up submitting a wedding until 1am because I love my clients and want their hard work putting their wedding together to be featured, like they deserve. I want to answer these emails, these SEVERAL emails where people are asking me for help on things. I want to answer all my messages on Facebook. But today, I need to breathe a little.

I’m sitting here in Starbucks waiting for Hannah Hildebrandt and her beautiful July 2015 bride to come in and meet with me, and I have to admit, it’s a little of a vacation for me. I am saying yes too much and trying to accommodate everyone else’s needs before my own. Saying yes shouldn’t make you stressed.  If you say yes to booking something, emailing something, anything– you should do it because you know adding that to your plate won’t be too much.

So here’s something I hate to do but I have to, and I HOPE people will understand. I ran it by my Q+A gals and I’m proud to admit their my bosses and tell me how it is sometimes and let me know that I’m doing the right thing, even when it’s hard! It’s been Q+A girl approved, so to me..that’s good enough 🙂

For the time being, I’m not able to answer emails from other photographers about technical things, business questions, etc…only people who have invested in a Q+A or mentoring session. I know sometimes that an email seems like “just a little question” — but I DO NOT want to short anyone on answers or details if I can help it. I don’t want to just write SOMEthing back and have it not be the best I can give. BUT, at the same time, I don’t want to sit and answer emails for 6-8 hours a week (the current average) either. That’s TOO much and a lot of it is because I’m helping so many people “for free”. One girl recently messaged me and asked me so many questions my head was spinning. Every single response I sent her yielded three more questions, and then she told me no one wants to share info with her in her hometown. I’m sorry to put it abruptly but people do spend time and hard work investing in their education and that’s why they are a little hesitant to give it away, especially on their own free time. And who has free time?! Not many of us! DEFINITELY not someone with lots of amazing brides this year and two kids under three! One of my girls is STILL a newborn baby, I want people to remember that I’m human and sometimes it may take me more than 3 days to answer an email. I have an amazing turn around time, workflow and I treat my clients beautifully but my family, clients and mentoring/Q+A girls will always come first.

I hope if you receive an email template that says I can’t help you right now (but directs you to a few blog posts and resources) you understand that I LOVE what I do and helping others, but I can’t help everyone individually on a day to day basis. I love everyone, trust me, and ask anyone I’ve worked with..but I have to put my family, brides and grooms and mentoring gals first. Thank you so much for understanding!! 🙂 It’s NOT personal! XOXO

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  1. So proud of you for putting this out there!! You are such a hard worker and 100% + devoted to your family, business, us Q&A girls and EVERYTHING else in between! You deserve a little breathing room!!! XOXOXOXO

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