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When you have children, everything is chaotic. I recently spoke at the CLIC Conference about needing structure and organization in your business because the rest of your life when you’re a mama especially is just unplanned, unorganized, UNPREDICTABLE chaos. The room is clean and then you walk outta the room for 10 minutes and come back to a hurricane. It’s insane! But it’s FUN. It’s fun craziness. I embrace it πŸ™‚

We spend so many time grooming, wiping butts, putting outfits together, etc for these little ones and we sometimes forget to embrace the mismatched outfit and the wild untamed bedhead. When my daughter woke up the other morning, she moseyed in with one sock and the WILDEST bedhead I’d seen in months! I loved it, so I wanted to document it. I think it’d be perfect to show her on her wedding day when she nervously gets ready to marry the person of her dreams how adorable she was and that this person loves her for THIS…who she is, genuinely and sincerely. That they will love her for her faults, her mismatched outfits and missing sock, and even for her bedhead.

To her future spouse, whoever you may be…don’t you DARE take this adorable bedhead for granted..ever!

Yes I just bawled my eyes out writing that. Look at these cute images πŸ™‚

baby-bedhead-blog-1 baby-bedhead-blog-2 baby-bedhead-blog-3 baby-bedhead-blog-4 baby-bedhead-blog-5 baby-bedhead-blog-6

3 thoughts on “Bedhead Baby | Personal

  1. Oh my gosh, I have a picture of my daughter at this age with WILD bed hair, a bink in the mouth, and a grumpy face expression.. it’s the cutest thing ever.. and so are these pictures!

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