I hate griping but I have to be honest right now. It’s 11:55pm, I have never been more tired in my life. Nursing and keeping up with two babies, a business and emails that multiply (which PS– not complaining because I am SUPER grateful for them!)..the laundry is so piled right now, I have to take care of three little ones tomorrow because we’re watching a friend’s sweet little boy, too..and all I can think about is, I need to blog. I have some things pre-blogged but not quite finished yet, so I had to come up with something..and this is my lame excuse for a blog post this morning!

We are SO unbelievably overwhelmed happy about moving to OBX, and I think this is what’s getting us through right now. We aren’t getting one minute of quality time together at any point during the day or night. My husband and I are not connected right now, we’re just functioning alongside each other. I even just yelled at him to please give me some space so I can have ONE uninterrupted minute of my life to think clearly. So naturally, I felt horrible afterward like I do most of the time because mom and wife guilt are always a part of my days..it’s normal! These are the days where it’s getting really hard. Where I WISH I had one employee or secretary or someone just to help me out. I’m very burnt out but I know that by Friday night, when I’m packing my gear to get ready for Saturday’s wedding..I’ll be recharged again because of the amazing things I get to capture the next day.

These days will happen again. I dread them because I can’t even see the screen right now very clearly at all because I’m THAT tired and miserable but these days make it the hard work worth it when things finally get easier and go right.

And for now..I’m going to sleep. VERY GRATEFUL for babies that sleep through the night! I can’t imagine if they didn’t right now!!!!!!!

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  1. reach out, Amanda! You have friends who love you and would be happy to play with your babies for a little while so you could nap, shower, blog! I had four under six at the same time, and if it wasn’t for friends, I probably would have been insane!

  2. Oh my can I relate….like the last two nights. And I don’t have two little ones! I’m trying to run out to do errands now in between putting out fires and answering questions….it’ll get better!

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