Two and a half– here it is in all it’s sassy glory! I LOVE this project! Watching her grow monthly in the same little get up has been so amazing! One day she is gonna love this and I hope she does it with her kids one day, too! Cammy wasn’t officially a sister yet the last time we did these at two years old..and she has grown into such a great, protective and sometimes OVERLY loving big sister to her baby Elliebells! Yes, she thinks it’s her baby hahaha! Enjoy her TWO and a HALF year sweater pics! 🙂

But first…all the ones starting at 2 months leading up to it! 🙂

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

the last ones at two years old:

And NOW! Two and a half and so extremely full of life and undeniable sass! 🙂

3M9B4758 3M9B4760 3M9B4762 3M9B4766 3M9B4767  3M9B4772 3M9B4780 3M9B4784 3M9B4787 3M9B4789 3M9B4791

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  1. she is so perfect and i love her so much!!! she’s the most expressive kid and the whole world. it’s so funny to me that when you tell her you’re going to take a picture, she’s attentive. she’s so brilliant and beautiful!

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