One of the biggest challenges in the photography industry STILL remains how to avoid competing and hard feelings when it comes to sharing this amazing career with one another. I personally believe that because this is an artistic industry, we have the potential for a LOT of hurt feelings all around from other photographers, to clients, to pretty much anyone effecting how we feel based on their opinion of our work. Every single time a photographer posts an image for the world to see, to judge, to evaluate, to allow others to opportunity to connect with it or the chance to reject that work as something they can relate to or like, we are putting our hearts on the line.

Not everyone is meant to like your work, we would all be the same kind of human if we ALL liked the same things. And that’s OKAY! Some clients want the film look, and I can’t give that. Some clients want clean and vibrant, now that’s my style! Some clients want selective color and that’s not something I do or provide. We are all meant for different things, we’re all on different paths..but one thing we are FINALLY moving in the right direction of is the fact that we’re starting to create communities instead of competition.


Forums are being created EVERYwhere on Facebook to support one another and connect, learn and GROW with each other. Photographers are starting to realize that together in a supportive environment we are getting better when it comes to business, booking and branding ourselves.

Right now, I’m in the British Virgin Islands. I’m actually here to shoot a wedding! How incredible is that!? I could go into great detail about how happy and lucky I am to be doing this but we’ll save that for the blog post of Brittany and Kris’s wedding. Another reason I want to tell you that I’m lucky for this is because Tara Liebeck is with me and she met me years ago just by a random Facebook message, we connected, we met, she HELPED ME and gave me SO many tips without me having to ask, and we always referred to each other and genuinely wanted the other to succeed. Because of that, we have grown together. We both are full time wedding photographers continually supporting one another in an industry where people can be very cutthroat and cold. I don’t know that part of it the industry anymore because I don’t welcome it in my life. I’m only surrounded by positivity and let me tell you…that’s completely necessary to STAY in love with your job and succeed.

Some amazing things you can do to create communities, build colleagues over competition and start your own little revolution that can better your business are as follows:

1. Offer to swap headshots with other photographers
2. Assist on shoots and weddings
3. Second shoot weddings, events, etc
4. Start a Facebook forum
5. Decide to take a chance, email/message someone and connect via social media and if you can, in person for coffee or lunch – other photographers or vendors
6. Comment on blogs/Facebook pages, leave love and compliment other’s work!
7. Get inspired: ask another photographer if they want to go shoot something for fun, maybe a friend of yours never got those bridals and would love to play dress up for you two..there are a MILLION ideas for shooting for fun!
8. Location scout with another photographer
9. Share locations, tips, advice and little tidbits openly on occasion
10. Remember that you are ALL in this together, you BOTH started somewhere no matter where the skill level is now, and stay down to Earth

Here we are yesterday arriving in BVI! It was a long trip but it was SO worth it– wait until you see the REAL pics of this place! Heaven on EARTH!!

10311943_10202955104251970_2318119326425633334_n 10348796_10202955111212144_2668066115063299613_o
And a little cute FaceTime action from yesterday with the girls 🙂 10381996_10100943015726057_412232397081521856_n

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