The move is upon us! Y’all, we’re talking 8 days from the time this blog post will go live— we go from OBX tourists a couple times a year to locals! I can’t believe the place where we said I Do, the place where I picked up my little coupon books every year, the place where I always was sure to grab a OBX Wedding magazine — that’s my HOME now! Today (I’m writing this on Thursday) after Ellie’s four month checkup and shots, I asked Cammy if she wanted to go to IHOP and she promptly responded with “no, I wanna go to OBX.” Can you blame the girl?! I said, why the heck not! Let’s go!

It only takes us about an hour to get down there – we live really close to Chesapeake so it’s an easy little drive. And the drive…have I mentioned how much I adore that highway along country fields, tacky gas stations and farmer’s markets. It makes me feel like home every-single-time.

So as tourists, we always went to Brew Thru. Bought our OBX sweatshirts and long-sleeved shirts. Our koozies for beers, our OBX car stickers. We spent the night in hotel rooms from the Ramada to the Comfort Inn to Shutters on the Banks to the Cape Hatteras Motel. We took one day of the vacation to visit the Corolla lighthouse sometimes and even went sometimes to Tim Buck Two, Duck, etc. We visited gift shops, went to our fave local digs like Mama Kwans, Awful Arthurs, the Avalon fishing pier.

What will change when we live there? Does all this stuff become uncool now? How should we act differently!?

Well– I’ll be damned if we change one thing about what we do in OBX πŸ™‚ I’m still gonna drive my happy little butt through the Brew Thru drive thru (really classy with the babies in the back, right?! hahah!!) — and I bought an OBX sticker today for my car. I took Cammy to play ski ball, win all kinds of tickets at the Pier. I’m still gonna put away Bushwackers at Mama’s like I’m on vacation. I can’t WAIT to get my yearly Brew Thru shirts and hope they have pink in Mike’s size for him to match, too πŸ™‚ And that long sleeved OBX shirt from Sunsations or Wings or’s calling my name, I just have to find it.

We can’t wait to be those tourists that went local, because there is nothing our hearts have ever wanted more than to move there to the most amazing place we know. We are nightly looking at each other with bright happy eyes not even believing this is REAL! I LOVE YOU MIKE- we made our dreams come true!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

EIGHT DAYS! We pick up the key SUNDAY June 1 and move Saturday June 7!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ Wish us luck!!!!

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  1. So here’s a tradition for you to get all you want and still be a “local tourist”. My whole family is born and raised in VB.. rare I know! Every year my parents would take us on a “tourist night”. My brother and I could do whatever we wanted that was total touristy… get anything touristy we wanted and eat all the tourist food! We did bumper cars, the haunted houses, bought VB t shirts all that jazz! Do that once a year with your fam and make it a huge deal! It was awesome for us and a way to enjoy all the crazy tourist stuff as locals without feeling cheesy!

  2. Girl don’t you dare change a thing! We do all of that stuff! Your change from tourist to local at brew thru will be your level of irritation at tourists in front of you getting out of the car to shop t-shirts I,stead of parking and walking in- it happens, a LOT. But keep rocking those stickers and t-shirts and throw back those drinks! Only difference now is you will start getting local discounts! Welcome to the OBX!!

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