Being a business owner is so incredibly rewarding…and so incredibly hard. There is this constant personal battle between the desire to work all the time, improve and to serve your clients…and at the same time..the desire to have a personal life, family life and find ten minutes in an entire week to relax..whatever that word means.

Whenever a life change occurs (a baby being born, a move, school events, family changes, etc) … your workflow absolutely has the potential to be thrown off kilter. I am definitely moderately organized when it comes to workflow..but the fact is, I have to accept that I can’t always be completely and utterly THE fastest of fast (although let’s be real– my turn around is still WAY up there in this industry compared to lots! I will absolutely make sure to credit myself there!)  – no matter how much I want to be.

Two weeks ago, I took two flights and two ferries to an amazing island and shot a wedding.
I hopped back on a ferry, and another, and then two more planes to get back home around 11:30pm on Wednesday night.
Thursday I spent getting ready for the weekend’s weddings, rekindling the love with my babies..and then Friday morning I woke up and drove 2 1/2 hours way to shoot another wedding.
Saturday we got groceries, packed up more of the house for the big big move to NC and then prepared equipment for Sunday’s wedding where I shot for 11 hours.

Please note, pals… this is NOT complaining! I LOVE what I do! But how crazy is that week!? I have TWO babies under 3! And did I mention I pumped for several hours to be able to provide food for my youngest? I left collectively over 100 ounces of breastmilk..that’s hours of pumping. It’s hard, it’s nearly impossible some days..but I made it happen!

I still got my BVI wedding (and second set of engagements on the island) blogged the following week and should have the other two from that same week up THIS week. But, I have to remember to be a human and say, okay..this is a CRAZY season in my it’s okay to be a LITTLE behind!

If you ever fall behind from your usual posting and delivering schedule..remember to try to STILL keep structure, things in order..and please– CULL your images when you can and prepare them to be edited in an organized way so that when you DO sit down to edit, you’re already organized and ready to go! All of my images are triple backed up and waiting in order to be taken care of– tomorrow on the blog– Katherine and Brian’s wedding will go up! For me, that’s delayed..but they were actually just married a week and a half ago!

Being behind in workflow doesn’t have to mean being all over the place. Yes, that to do list is growing exponentially but if you have it written down, period, you are on the right track! I know the order I need to complete my work in and plan on delivering as many sessions and weddings as I can whenever I get the chance to sit down and crank them out!

Thank you to the couples who are being so patient and gracious for me and my family as we take this huge life step smack dab in the middle of THE craziest wedding season of my life! OXOXOX

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