Wow, this is a hard one to admit. I have to challenge myself to present this in a way that doesn’t give the wrong impression, but it’s gonna be a close one because it’s tricky. It could sound like we have a bad relationship, and we really don’t. But– we’re not as connected as we should be and what happened yesterday was just awesome for us. We took time — just a little — to reconnect. Mike and I talked, like sat down and talked, for the first time in as long as I can remember.

We talk all the time, but it’s always business. We have realized that when we’re talking to each other it’s always because a step needs to be taken. “We need apples, bananas, soy milk and bread” — so we start discussing who needs to get it, when, if the girls are coming, how that fits into our schedule. “This bill is behind and now we have a late fee” — who let that slip past us– who’s fault was it? Who’s going to pay it, when, and how that fits into our schedule. “Cammy is throwing a huge temper and Elliebells needs a diaper change” — so who’s taking who, how are we resolving this. It’s always calls to action and BUSY busy busy. Or, occasionally, me crying or him venting about something and someone. But– they are not conversations.

On the beach yesterday, I knew I had emails to answer. I know I have a wedding that is VERY close to being wrapped up, maybe 100 pictures left to edit because I’ve been working on it piece by piece by piece as we move. Graciously, my client told me she completely understands and she took weight off my shoulders that I’m not sure she will ever understand how important it was for her to do, and I really needed that at this season in our lives. Moving to another state, with’s HARD. Add running a business .. it’s harder. Add five weddings in the month right before you move..well, you get it.

But on the beach..Ellie slept in my arms, and then in Mike’s..and Cammy rested in the tent. So, he and I BOTH sat down in chairs (never happens), and just talked. We actually were able to find peace and wind down enough to accept that we are allowed to enjoy some time together and have a conversation that didn’t relate to something that needed to be done. It was just talking about whatever and it was incredible. I felt like we were just getting to know each other again or just newly dating…and I loved it!

Yes, we had to physically pull ourselves away from the house and material possessions, the computers..and I left my phone at HOME! But we talked. And I loved it. I’m so lucky to be married to you Mikey, making this commute for your family’s happiness. What did I do right to get a catch like you?! 🙂

It was a sure sign that this is it. We are HOME and the Outer Banks is already a life changing situation for us. We are better here as individuals, a family, and a strong couple to set a wonderful example for these beautiful little ladies.

The last point I’ll make is that we talked about the past. Past situations and relationships. I said to him– if you and I were not..these girls wouldn’t be here, and we wouldn’t be on this beach. You wouldn’t live here, and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t live here either. It’s something we had to make happen together. Because of him, I am living in the place my soul flourishes, I’m raising daughters on the banks in the most gorgeous place I know and love. Thank you for talking to me yesterday Mikey, if only for 20 minutes. It was wonderful — more of it in the future for sure, and setting aside time for it weekly will become mandatory 🙂

Here are some clips from our big moving weekend!


G-Dog (my dad) was crying holding a calm and soothed Elliebells by the ocean. He knows this is an amazing life experience the girls will get living here now 🙂

RENT THE BIG ONE!!! We filled it and that was after we got rid of so many things in our house!!!


Baby tents are the BEST 🙂


Duck Donuts – Front Porch Cafe – Max’s Bagels…all within miles of our home, all amazing, and we met one of our neighbors working there which made us feel so cool and local hehehe 😉


A little positive outlook for your day with an image of my new sunrise ocean view! Even though, I did not include the ocean in this’s to the left, promise! 🙂


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  1. Girrrrllllll…we are seriously the same person!! I was in tears reading this and totally get EVERY.SINGLE.BIT!! We may seriously have to consider moving down and becoming your neighbors:-) LOVE YOU!!

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