Herman + Terri | Intimate Smithfield Ceremony

Something different for me..and that’s GREAT! I love what I do, and it’s the business of telling love stories. And the gorgeous thing about that is that all of ours look different. Herman and Terri have been together 16 years!!! That’s incredible! And how fortunate am I to be the person to post today and show you what kind of wonderful human beings they are calling this event their wedding day after so many long awaited years?! I adore them..and you will, too. They’re genuine, they’re beautiful inside and out..and now….they’re MARRIED!

A few gorgeous florals, a stunning bouquet, a small ceremony with only the closest of close to them in Smithfield at Fort Boykin Park followed by a Smithfield Inn intimate dinner and celebration with live entertainment that they didn’t happen to hire but was just coincidentally there for the night..it was kind of all in the stars for them. Stress-free, small..and nothing short of romantic!

Herman and Terri– congrats on your new journey as husband and wife that begins now!! 🙂

smithfield-virginia-small-wedding-photo-6 smithfield-virginia-small-wedding-photo-72014-06-23_0001 2014-06-23_0002 2014-06-23_0003 smithfield-virginia-small-wedding-photo-9 smithfield-virginia-small-wedding-photo-11 smithfield-virginia-small-wedding-photo-12 smithfield-virginia-small-wedding-photo-13 smithfield-virginia-small-wedding-photo-15 smithfield-virginia-small-wedding-photo-16 smithfield-virginia-small-wedding-photo-17 smithfield-virginia-small-wedding-photo-18 smithfield-virginia-small-wedding-photo-21 smithfield-virginia-small-wedding-photo-22 smithfield-virginia-small-wedding-photo-232014-06-23_0004 smithfield-virginia-small-wedding-photo-26 smithfield-virginia-small-wedding-photo-27 smithfield-virginia-small-wedding-photo-28 smithfield-virginia-small-wedding-photo-29 smithfield-virginia-small-wedding-photo-34 smithfield-virginia-small-wedding-photo-35 smithfield-virginia-small-wedding-photo-36 smithfield-virginia-small-wedding-photo-37 smithfield-virginia-small-wedding-photo-38 smithfield-virginia-small-wedding-photo-39 smithfield-virginia-small-wedding-photo-40 smithfield-virginia-small-wedding-photo-41 smithfield-virginia-small-wedding-photo-42 smithfield-virginia-small-wedding-photo-43 smithfield-virginia-small-wedding-photo-44 smithfield-virginia-small-wedding-photo-452014-06-23_0006 2014-06-23_0007 2014-06-23_0008 smithfield-virginia-small-wedding-photo-48 smithfield-virginia-small-wedding-photo-49

2 thoughts on “Herman + Terri | Intimate Smithfield Ceremony

  1. This is one of my favorite wedding albums of yours! These pictures are amazing and the story behind them is beautiful! You do such a good job always.

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