Birds of a feather.. you know the saying! We aren’t all meant to be best friends and hang out together because part of life is finding like minds to flock with. But what happens when you choose to flock so exclusively that when someone’s feather’s get ruffled in the group..that bird now has excluded so many other opportunities that now it’s alone?

Don’t be that guy. Don’t be that BIRD. One of the biggest ways to kick yourself in the ass (whoops!) is to decide not to like someone because your friend doesn’t. Even if you think that you have a good reason to agree with your friend to do the elementary school thing “you’re not invited to my birthday party” because of something between two OTHER people..that’s just not the wisest choice to make. Do you really know the other side of the story..and do you realize that you too could end up on it one day? How do you know that the very person you are befriending hasn’t already done this to you already? Are you so deeply confident that the very person you are allowing to exclude potential friends and opportunities of networking in your life and career in some odd act of dedication to them will never, ever, ever do you wrong? It’s not fair to you or to the third party you are automatically excluding.

Flock with MULTIPLE groups! Be that person in life that loves ALL “stereotypes” for lack of a better term. Boy did I love ODU for it’s diversity. I got to befriend people from all over the place and learn SO much about cultures and life! Oh and this blog post? I wrote it because I’ve been on BOTH sides. I’m not gonna pretend I never did this. I even did this up until a couple years ago…but I’m over it. How can I be mad when life is SO good? When I’ve been so blessed with these insanely gorgeous girls, when the industry is such a BEAUTIFUL thing and when my job..the thing I support my family watching a dad cry seeing his daughter in a wedding dress..when miracles happen and relatives who were supposed to be taken to heaven months before because of illness miraculously make it to weddings..when a bride and groom tell me their secrets and even tell me about their pregnancies before announcing to the world after their can I be anything but happy and ready to JUMP on the networking and befriending those in the industry wagon?!!

I’m just saying two things to you. I like you even if we haven’t met, I’ll always give you a chance because I don’t flock exclusively…and I’m also saying..if you don’t like me? And you think you have a really really good reason? Maybe you do, but I like you anyway. Letting go of anger is one of the most liberating and freeing experiences of my life. I let go of resentment and so much animosity months ago and this move to Kitty Hawk, let me tell you how mind clearing and soul purifying it is. I just love everyone, and I guess I’m a little crunchy hippie now but that’s’s a fun way to live 🙂 I also really do appreciate those vendors and industry people who have decided to like me without even meeting me…I guess we’re the same kind of bird without even knowing it 🙂

I need to be a happy mama bird for these little girls in my life. A happy and healthy mama is what kids need more than nice clothes or expensive’s a mama with a sound heart and mind. Choose peace, choose joy today.


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