I’ve stopped shaking enough to be able to type. I’m STILL having a tightness in my chest, I can’t believe that an image from one of my weddings is on TV this morning! Like– national television! Although I am beyond excited about what this means for my business (and what it means is that hey, national television has displayed my work!) — there is something even MORE to this that makes it amazing.

I got to tell a beautiful, kind and selfless pregnant woman today who was married last June in 2013 that because her groom loved her with so much of his heart, his mind, his soul..that because he broke down at the altar and wasn’t afraid to show emotion..it’s being recognized on one of the biggest television news shows of all time in a segment about groom’s reactions.

Yes, it’s my work. It’s my image. My manual settings. It’s my hand on my camera I worked so hard to afford and my expensive zoom lens I bought the week our water got cut off back in 2012 but it’s HIM that makes the image. It’s a man that found the woman that his soul belongs to. She took this laid back fun loving man and had him in pieces in the altar because Josie IS the most incredible woman David has ever met.

THAT’S WHAT OUR JOB IS ABOUT PEOPLE. I love making things pretty, but damn do I love some intense and real emotion. Show it and take it all in because your wedding day is all about the real moments!!!! 🙂 This is PRICELESS thank you so much Josie, David and the Today Show for making this happen today!! 🙂


Here’s what he was looking at 🙂
And here’s the link to their wedding day blog post last year!


Here’s the blog post and below is the HORRIBLY embarrassing video from my cell phone hahaha!!


Josie David


And we just saw it on their Facebook page also!! AHHH WHAT WHAT! 🙂

Facebook Today Show

Do you blame him! And here’s the clip from the TODAY SHOW!! AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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