Amy + Pete | Blush Fords Colony Williamsburg Wedding

Words word words, I’m looking for them. I don’t really have the right ones for this kind of a day, but I’ll do my best to give it justice. First of all..Amy and Pete are the couple in their family and friend’s lives that SHINE. They create a positive and very fun loving energy that is undeniable and you WILL see the looks on their faces and friends and family in this post that just drip with happiness. It made my day feeling this energy from them, and I drove through some crazy tourist traffic on my way out of our home in OBX to get there..on a RAINY day! But you know what? It did NOT rain on this parade at all. Not even a drop that I remember.

I loved the blush and the organic look of neutral browns, burlap and a very natural tone of green that was used in the reception details..very down to earth like this couple but remaining very elegant and classy at the same time. It was such an incredible day from start to finish and I have to confess right now that Pete and Amy gave me a LOT of portrait time!!!! Did we shoot for that entire extended length of time given? NO. That’s the thing..I know personally I can shoot fairly fast so I was given almost over an hour tentatively but with our little golf carts at Fords Colony we got so much done in 30 minutes that they had time to relax! I can tell you right now without even asking them first that they are never going to regret the lack of rush in their day and they will have so many portraits now to boot!

To Amy’s are in trouble because I didn’t have makeup with me and couldn’t fix my mascara after watching you cry. I’m gonna get you for that! Wait for these emotions and beautiful moments and it goes! Have fun in IRELAND (at least that’s the last place they were when I talked to them!!:))

And if you won’t be able to tell from some of these images..Pete’s a football coach which was incorporated SO adorably!


THANK YOU Meghan Ippoliti Photography for being awesome and there for me on this day!!

Dress: Pronovias from Maya Couture in Norfolk, VA
Sash: Bella Rosa Bridal, Richmond, VA
Suits: Menswearhouse
Bow tie/ties: Tie Bar
Flowers: Seasons of Williamsburg
Cake/Cupcakes: Cakealicious, Williamsburg, VA
Reception: Ford’s Colony Country Club, Williamsburg, VA
Ceremony: St. Bede Catholic Church, Williamsburg, VA
Trolley: Richmond Trolley Company
Rings: Bellestar Jewelry, Pembroke, MA
DJ: Howard Alexander, Colonial DJs
Videographer: Chris Bryan | Emotion Pictures

fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-2 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-9 2014-07-22_0003 2014-07-22_0004fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-11fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-12014-07-22_0005 2014-07-22_0006 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-212014-07-22_0008 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-22 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-23 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-25 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-27 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-28fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-14 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-20 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-24 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-26fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-29 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-30 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-31 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-32 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-33fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-34 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-35 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-36 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-37 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-38 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-39 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-40 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-412014-07-22_0007 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-42 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-43 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-46 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-47 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-50 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-51 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-52 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-53 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-542014-07-22_0009 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-56 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-57 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-58 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-59 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-60 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-62 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-63 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-64 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-65 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-66 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-67 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-68 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-69 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-70 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-71 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-72 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-73 fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-74fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-75fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-762014-07-22_00102014-07-22_0011fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-78fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-862014-07-22_0012fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-902014-07-22_00132014-07-22_0014fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-912014-07-22_0015fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-98fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-99fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-100fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-101fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-102fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-103fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-104fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-105fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-106fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-107fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-108fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-109fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-110fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-111fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-112fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-113fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-114fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-115fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-116fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-117fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-118fords-colony-blush-wedding-photo-119

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