I’m writing this post after traveling 12 hours on the road over the period of a day and a half. But I’m not the one that drove it..it was Mike.

We bickered the night before about all the laundry that hadn’t been done. He put it all away for me, LOADS of clean clothes. All this driving he just did? It wasn’t for his work, it was for mine. He didn’t get recognition or credit by anyone for this work he had done, so I’m thanking him here on the blog now. He hauled us up there, helped me with my work (not his job), helped with my slideshow last minute (not his job again), and most of all..took excellent care of our daughters. He reassures me, the biggest control freak about the actions, plans and comfort of my daughters that they WILL BE OKAY. He will have them happy, healthy and relatively clean upon meeting with me again.

He is the one who told me to “buy the camera”. He’s the one who told me to go full time. He’s the one that believed in me (sounds corny but it’s something we NEED as creatives) and told me he would do whatever it took to get the materials, equipment and business expenses necessary to make a dream a reality. He never doubted me. He never made me feel bad for wanting something more for myself than the low expectations I had held myself to after a lot of rough times in life along the way before meeting him.

My daughters are gifts from him that have changed my life and therefore inspired my business. It’s all tied back to you, baby. You’re the most amazing husband in the world, you love EVERYone you meet, you hold the door open for strangers like you’re being paid big bucks to do it and you’d give the shirt off your back and even your last meal to someone who wanted it. I’ve never had to utter the words “I’ll have to ask my husband” as if I need permission from you. Thank you for letting me stand beside you as a strong independent woman instead of behind you waiting for my next instruction. You are what people dream of in a partner and I’m sorry I don’t tell you enough..but I will promise to get better at it and reconnect with you more, because you deserve so much love.

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  1. OMG I CRIED OUT LOUD! AT WORK ON MY BREAK! HAHAHAH i love this so much amanda and i love my brother-in-law!!!!

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