Yes– this is real, HAHA! We did this! When Cammy told me she wanted to marry her daddy — my little wedding photographer heart pitter pattered all the way to this brilliant idea. Will she replicate some of this someday with her real fiancé? Maybe 🙂 This is seriously one of the sweetest things ever!!!! 🙂

The cutest part about this shoot is that an hour before it started, Cammy was ALL about getting ready. “Can I wear bascara? [mascara] Will you curl my hair so I can have my hair done? I want it curly.” Pink sparkle shoes, bracelet, even PURSE. Her engagement ring? A plastic mini mouse ring. “I can’t wait to do engagements with Daddy” she kept saying. And maybe even cuter than all of this was a 28 year old man rushing home from work to get ready, put on that pink polo and give his first daughter a real engagement shoot with him. Seriously…what guy does this!? I married the BEST!!!!! 🙂

Congrats Cammy on your first (hopefully one of only TWO in your life!!! lol!) engagement shoot! Whoever sweeps in for the real deal later in life has a LOT to live up to. It sure is not gonna be easy to handle this ball of fire known as Camryn Mae — but hey, if I found a guy who can handle me? There is hope for my sweet girl 🙂

Here’s her standing outside of our condo waiting for him to arrive! And yes– she’s holding a Cinderella camera hahah!

What’s a date without a set of Mr and Mrs Potato Heads!? 🙂daddy-daughter-engagement-outer-banks-photographer-2 daddy-daughter-engagement-outer-banks-photographer-3 daddy-daughter-engagement-outer-banks-photographer-4 daddy-daughter-engagement-outer-banks-photographer-5

…and what’s a REALLY good engagement session without a face slap? I definitely did NOT instruct this! daddy-daughter-engagement-outer-banks-photographer-6

Oh man … I’m a puddle 🙂 daddy-daughter-engagement-outer-banks-photographer-7 daddy-daughter-engagement-outer-banks-photographer-8 daddy-daughter-engagement-outer-banks-photographer-9 daddy-daughter-engagement-outer-banks-photographer-10 daddy-daughter-engagement-outer-banks-photographer-11 daddy-daughter-engagement-outer-banks-photographer-12

She’s an INTENSE kisser hahah!daddy-daughter-engagement-outer-banks-photographer-14 daddy-daughter-engagement-outer-banks-photographer-15

And we accidentally ended up using this as a part of the session — she was NOT arguing with us on that! 2014-08-20_0010

Yeah, I did a ring shot in her ice cream 🙂 daddy-daughter-engagement-outer-banks-photographer-19 daddy-daughter-engagement-outer-banks-photographer-20 daddy-daughter-engagement-outer-banks-photographer-21

I don’t know what’s more attractive than a woman who can really put down some ice cream!! 🙂 I am hoping some of my couples will replicate this for me some time hahahaha I LOVE it! 🙂 daddy-daughter-engagement-outer-banks-photographer-22 daddy-daughter-engagement-outer-banks-photographer-23

Reading a daddy daughter Darth Vader Princess Leia book 🙂daddy-daughter-engagement-outer-banks-photographer-24 daddy-daughter-engagement-outer-banks-photographer-25

And little girl, I hope you find a person one day when you’re old enough to love you as much as your daddy and I do. You’re so big, we’re so proud of you. I will never see a bride get into her dress for the rest of my life and not think of you. Thank you for letting my business grow with you, thank you for loving us, thank you for being an incredible life changer for us. You are perfect. You are perfect EVERY single day. daddy-daughter-engagement-outer-banks-photographer-26

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  1. This is so precious! What an awesome idea. Cammy is going to adore these when she’s older. When Ellie gets a little taller, you’re going to have to do a session with her also!

  2. and now I’M a puddle. Seriously, Amanda, you are such a genuinely adorable person. Thank you for sharing so much of your life with us. We love you and your little sea star family!!! <3

  3. OMG!!! YOU STOP THIS RIGHT NOW!!!!! If this isn’t the absolute epitome of perfection, I don’t know WHAT is!!!! I love this Mike and Amanda!! Cammy and Ellie are so blessed to have parents like you two!!!

  4. OMG…..this has to be the cutest thing I have every seen!!!! He is such a great daddy and she is a beautiful little girl. You are one lucky lady to have the perfect family in the perfect little town.

  5. Gosh she’s SO OLD! I can’t believe it! haha. These are incredibly sweet, I love the way she looks at her daddy. 🙂 What a wonderful memory this will be for her!!

  6. CAN NOT get over how ADORABLE and grown up Cammy looks in the shot where she’s alone on the purple bench. That is one of the best shots ever of her (in my opinion hehehe)! Just love keeping up with you guys on here!

  7. Hello there! I know youre going through some tough stuff in you life right now so im hoping that this cheers you up!

    I follow you on instagram ( courtney.s_93 ) but never thought to check out your blog. I’m so glad I did. Every time I find a blog that I LOVE, I always have to go back to the very first post and read all of the posts until the most current post. (Except I’m reading from my phone right now, so I’m kinda jumping around).

    I love how you write and I love your photos!

    Stay up and happy, and love the heck out of your beautiful family! ♡♡♡♡♡

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