Less than two weeks ago, I stood up (and cried a couple times, haha!) in a room in front of a wonderful group of people and let them know that it’s possible to do business and family, but it’s hard. And sometimes it will feel like this:


I feel like this today. I am drowning in my email inbox and most of it isn’t anything at all to benefit me, my family, or my own business..so it’s “volunteer” work as I call it. Favors favors favors. So many of them. And I LOVE DOING THEM– I’m not saying I don’t. But, when they all fly in at once it’s a little stressful. And when they’re from people I KNOW will not in the slightest appreciate the work that I’m going to have to do behind the scenes to make it happen? It’s even worse. And when I write back an email working my BUTT OFF for them with this many lines:

lsdjflsf etc etc etc

And they write back:


I will FLIP out today. Internally, lol. I will vent to my poor husband on his first work break and just cry to him how no one appreciates me hahahaha! But really..just to put it out there for your Friday reading:

When you email a photographer who has no family portraits on their website, blog or Facebook..and ask for a family session, I don’t have to sit and write back all of the names I can come up with and refer to you, but I do it because I’m trying to be a courteous person of COURSE! And a great business owner! So after investing my time in helping you, a “thank you for your help” email back is really nice to receive šŸ™‚ Don’t hesitate to email and ask me for names!

When you email me and tell me you are not willing to invest or book because of costs, or this or that or whatever..I TOTALLY understand that! From the bottom of my heart, I understand that more than you know. I have had a long long long road to work hard to make money to support our family and I started very much from the bottom (now I’m here!) (sorry I love that song!)Ā but please do not proceed to email me over and over asking for vendor/wedding advice — please ask the photographer that you do go with because I’m not going to sit one extra minute away from my children that grow DAILY to help you when you have decided that I’m not worth the service investment but you expect my help and advice for free. It’s such a slap in the face and I’m not letting you slap me in the face.

And lastly..if you’re a photographer emailing for help..I love love love talking to you. I love your spirit and your desire to rock out this amazing dream you have and make memories for your deserving clients! But additionally, you have to remember, I have clients, a husband, a business, babies, too..and so for me to sit and write you back and give you a little bit when I can is a big commitment for me. If you’ve invested in ME in a mentoring session or Q+A, you know that I’m not talking about you. We’ve already begun a relationship, met in person and you’ve appreciated what I have to offer by investing in my services. But for those I haven’t met, please don’t take advantage and please appreciate it. Mentoring is such a great way to sit down one on one in person and ask EVERYTHING that comes to mind! I’m hosting a December Outer Banks Q+A and styled shoot being announced NEXT WEEK so consider going to that and being added to the awesome group of over 100 girls on Facebook that chat and network daily!

The bottom line is..I’m trying my very best to please everyone as much as I can– but there are justĀ some times when I get that “thanks” email back OR none at all and IĀ know I wasted my time on someone who is just using me as a stepping stone to get what they need and carry on. I’m emotional today, it’s been a heck of a week. Thank you to those of you who fill my inbox with sunshine and always make sure I know that you really care about the time we are spendingĀ together in conversation.

Ellie’s face kind of sums it up, haha!


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  1. I am not in your day to day life however I have worked with you in a less than ideal setting loll! That said you do an AMAZING job staying UP! That isn’t easy to do! Hang in there and remember you can never make everyone happy!!!!!

  2. What a great post .. Both of us sisters plan on signing up for a Q & A very soon. For us we admire your strength personally and with business. Your post today has hit home with us with alot we have experienced recently it all makes sense .. know there are those out there that are right there with you. Thanks for saying what we always need to hear! Hope your day and week get better .. Jennifer Trimmer & Jessica Mitchell

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