That little red box. You know the one, with the number in it? You click on it, check out what it means in the way of comments, tags and likes and then just as soon as you’ve read through it, it’s popped up again. A one minute check becomes a 2 minute check. Three, four, ten, now I’ve clicked on a link someone shared and I’m wincing over an overthought article a mom blogger wrote knocking someone who does something differently than her. And then one about that mom knocking that mom for knocking others, etc etc etc. Then I’m watching a video of hamsters eating tiny burritos. No really, hahaha, I DID see a video of that! How did I get here? And where did 20 minutes go?

I actually like the videos and the articles..but they should be occasional. They should be sparse.

In those 20 minutes, my daughters will never be that little again. I know, I have sort of written this before. The I-need-to-get-off-the-internet-so-much-because-I’m-social-media-obsessed but really, I am! I’m STILL on it way less than I used to be but, I feel like I’m still tied a LOT to it. When you have a second child then you REALLY see how quickly they change, evolve mentally and get bigger seemingly day by puts it into perspective for you. This weekend, I threw an idea out to my husband and he agreed to help me with it! I’m so glad to try this little ditty and see how it works out for us!

Basically– I have 100 inboxes to check. Okay, not really..but it feels that way. I’ve got the red box, and there’s even a red box next to that red box that I post a status about once a week telling people “I don’t check” but consequently, the girls open my phone all the time and I see it. There’s two less things I have to check between Facebook notifications and messages. Mike will be checking my personal Facebook inbox occasionally and sending people to my email instead just in case it is something that seems mildly important.. he’s so sweet to take on that task for me 🙂

My goal is to get on once a week-ish and check things out, utilize it to post when I need to refer something out like a family session, etc..but to generally just not be on Facebook unless I have a business REASON to. I want to see what a difference it makes in my day to day living! Instead of picking up my phone, checking for 2-3 minutes, throwing laundry into the drier and then going back to pick up my phone, check again, etc..I want to see what it’s like to transition between daily motions of housekeeping, child rearing, etc and not check during the in betweens. What if I picked up a magazine and read instead for a minute? Or I could get more housework done. I generally now take two breaks for email a day tops instead of answering all day long so I feel like my “middle” of day will be a lot more fulfilling in the way of raising the girls, taking care of personal and family things and not Facebook checking and work. Instagram to me is more of a pick up a magazine kind of luxury because it’s always fun, easy and just a little that I still LOVE doing and it doesn’t stress me out.

I live in this beautiful place now. We’ve been to the beach 65 times since we moved here (we have a chalkboard, see below!–now THAT’S a notification I love to check!!!!!), that’s more than I visited Virginia Beach in 12 years of living in Hampton Roads I can say confidently. I am sitting next to my window here on the end unit condo looking at a gorgeous overgrown brush beside me listening to my 2nd favorite beach sound..cicadas (they always always always will speak to me saying hot summer day in the most beautiful place that I connect incredibly with). Life is so good, and I am so scared at the thought of missing out on the announcements of pregnancies, births, live events, etc of people but I’m just a text or email or Instagram comment away if anyone needs me. I love watching people’s lives grow and change for the best and especially the Q+A girls succeeding and building their businesses but I have to step back for just a bit from ONE social media outlet that takes the most time and that’s the one for sure! I know that 90% of the people reading this will be able to agree because most people whether they admit it outright or not feel the same way about Facebook.

See ya sparingly on there and follow me on Instagram!

Instagram: Cammyellieseastars

This weekend in Rodanthe where it was windy and peaceful <3 3M9B0502

We had to start overlapping in a different color chalk because we ran outta room..that’s a good thing 🙂


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