8 months..here it goes. The crawling is faster, she’s eating more real food and lots of banana oatmeal (her fave!) and pulling up on everything. She’s smart, she’s sweet..and she’s growing into such a beautiful big girl breaking my heart daily! She and her sister are starting to really understand each other better and it gets very CUTE and then other times very intense in this house- there is hair pulling daily and smacking, from BOTH parties!!

I love the photo bombs by Cammy (and the whining lipstick and temper tantrum picture she’ll kill me for someday), I love our imperfect little patio and I love so much that Ellie was just laughing and playing peekaboo the whole time!!!! 🙂 Here is our 8 month BABY! 🙂

3M9B1008 3M9B1013 3M9B1018 3M9B1021 3M9B1024 3M9B1025 3M9B1033 3M9B1037 3M9B1039 3M9B1040 3M9B1042 3M9B1043 3M9B1045

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