Bree is one of those people I met years and years ago and INSTANTLY loved her. You would too– I can pretty much promise you this! Her smile and her personality is the epitome of sunshine because she is always so happy!! And..she’s unbelievably kind!!! It’s one thing to see her thriving and enjoying life, but I have been over the moon joyful for her seeing her with Stephen!! It’s like a brand new even BETTER version of Bree and you wouldn’t think that’s possible! They are flirts like it’s their first month dating and they are the ultimate couple, the kind that people can only hope for. Their energy is contagious and their love in INSPIRING! I love them SO much!

This day was cold, wet and rainy. And…it was WINDY. We were fighting a crazy day in Newport News and at first we were so sad we didn’t get sun and rescheduling was iffy due to new jobs– so we knew we had to make this work. Not only did it work, but I feel like it exceeded what we would have ever hoped for in these circumstances because this couple? They know how to make the best of life. They will always fight for to see the positivity and light on the cloudiest of days because they are happy and beautiful together and I could NOT be happier for Stephen and Bree!! LOVE YOU TWO!! 🙂

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