UNbelievable. I started this when she was 2 months old. You can watch us on Instagram posting daily but when you break it down month by month, throw it together and watch her grow…it just makes you realize SO much more how go from newborn to infant to toddler to kid right before your eyes. It’s rewarding and heartbreaking!! We did it this time in DISNEY WORLD for our recent and first family trip there for Halloween! What an amazing and magical place– I can’t even tell you how we just fell so deeply in love and can’t wait to go back– but if you didn’t catch it before..check out the quick little slideshow sure to make you smile here from the Cinderella’s castle makeover Cammy went to!!! 🙂

AND– yesterday as I posted on the business Facebook page..I finally got the “where do babies from” question from her…and I started responding as G-rated and best I can but her explanation was that basically Mike finds a baby, puts it in my belly button feet first and then just shoves it in there, gets a bandaid, patches my belly button and we wait. That’s basically it HAHAHAH! I’ll just be letting her think that’s how it goes for now! Here’s her face after she told me this explanation LOL!:



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cammy-sweater-3-years-3 cammy-sweater-3-years-5 cammy-sweater-3-years-6 cammy-sweater-3-years-10 cammy-sweater-3-years-12 cammy-sweater-3-years-13 cammy-sweater-3-years-14 cammy-sweater-3-years-16

And then a couple of a princess meeting a princess! 🙂 Sophia!!!cammy-sweater-3-years-20 cammy-sweater-3-years-21

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