I wanted to write something a little different than I normally do, and it will come as a surprise to some but those who know me best know what I’m talking about. There is something new in the air I’m thankful for this year and I feel like it’s totally blogworthy, so here it goes!

Well first– I’m thankful for other things that are HUGE….like having our second baby this January and then making the move to the Outer Banks…we had big things happen! I landed my first print feature this year and one turned to four and now we have more coming next year, shot in the British Virgin Islands..and had an image on the Today Show LIVE and then a real wedding on their BLOG!! These are BIG things I worked so so so hard for and am both proud and thankful for. I love you Mikey, Cammy and Ellie and the beautiful life you are letting me in on every day just being in your presence.

The random thing I am thankful for is this though– I am thankful for repaired relationships and I am thankful for good hearted people who make sure they give me and others a chance before developing an opinion. You see, this industry can be a little trying when you’re new and even when you’re very seasoned and it’s not always easy to fit in or have everyone like you…but oh my gosh what am I even saying NO ONE is liked by everyone!!! They say you can be the juiciest peach in the world and someone is not gonna like peaches…and that is okay. But the relief I didn’t even know I was going to experience when relationships starting repairing this year much to my surprise and unsuspecting joy — it really changed my year around. And, even my outlook on life. From the nice messages in my inbox to the one gal who made me cry with her words, thank you guys for being so warm, uplifting and open. Happy holidays and here’s to second chances, a new perspective and just letting go of the heavy stuff. I don’t know what my life holds, if I will be here tomorrow but I want to do the best I can and treat others right. I’ve grown up a lot in the past few years, having children should be a big life changing wake up call and I’m finally answering 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving y’all!


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