Kellie and Matt you two and your constant laughter!!! What a BREEZE! Kellie brought her sister Katie along to help with their dog Zoe and you will definitely be seeing a sister photo bomb AND Santa shot in here, too!! We had the best sunny Friday in Williamsburg and with a couple this close, your job is just as simple as it gets!!

Matt has no problem with any instruction when it comes to loving on his woman — and it was cold outside so it makes and cuddling poses EXTRA necessary hahah! They were so brave in the cold and walked around everywhere with me making a beautiful backdrop for all of their flirting. I can not thank you two (three, wait four!) enough for coming with me this day and showing all the tourists and Colonial Williamsburg in-character employees (AND Santa!) what a cute couple really looks like!

And wait til you see the picture where they are doing their impression of my little girl Cammy..HAHA! I just LOVE them! πŸ™‚

Enjoy their engagements!!!!! πŸ™‚

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The prettiest afternoon light!!!! πŸ™‚Β williamsburg-engagements-wedding-photo-photographer-8 williamsburg-engagements-wedding-photo-photographer-9 williamsburg-engagements-wedding-photo-photographer-10 williamsburg-engagements-wedding-photo-photographer-11 williamsburg-engagements-wedding-photo-photographer-13 williamsburg-engagements-wedding-photo-photographer-15

Show me your Cammy face HAHAH! SO funny I love y’all!! πŸ™‚williamsburg-engagements-wedding-photo-photographer-17 williamsburg-engagements-wedding-photo-photographer-18 williamsburg-engagements-wedding-photo-photographer-19

Sister photo bombs are awesome hahah! πŸ™‚ Look at Matt’s face!williamsburg-engagements-wedding-photo-photographer-20 williamsburg-engagements-wedding-photo-photographer-21 williamsburg-engagements-wedding-photo-photographer-22 williamsburg-engagements-wedding-photo-photographer-23 williamsburg-engagements-wedding-photo-photographer-24 williamsburg-engagements-wedding-photo-photographer-25

THIS is them πŸ™‚

williamsburg-engagements-wedding-photo-photographer-26 williamsburg-engagements-wedding-photo-photographer-27 williamsburg-engagements-wedding-photo-photographer-28 williamsburg-engagements-wedding-photo-photographer-29

Santa they are engaged please take a picture with them! It worked, he did it hahaha!williamsburg-engagements-wedding-photo-photographer-302014-12-03_0003 williamsburg-engagements-wedding-photo-photographer-14 williamsburg-engagements-wedding-photo-photographer-32 williamsburg-engagements-wedding-photo-photographer-34 williamsburg-engagements-wedding-photo-photographer-35 williamsburg-engagements-wedding-photo-photographer-36 williamsburg-engagements-wedding-photo-photographer-37 williamsburg-engagements-wedding-photo-photographer-38 williamsburg-engagements-wedding-photo-photographer-39 williamsburg-engagements-wedding-photo-photographer-40

Yeah we pulled this one out at the end hahaha I love how fun they are! πŸ™‚Β williamsburg-engagements-wedding-photo-photographer-41

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