Cammy’s First Blog | Deep Thoughts By Cammy

Cammy told me EXACTLY what to type, and I typed it, and alas, a new series has been invented!! Deep Thoughts By Cammy– for your pure entertainment! The mind of a three year old is a really crazy place! 🙂

1. Me.
2. Music. Instruments. I like drums, oh and a piano. I want a LOTS of instruments.
3. A granola bar. I like peanut butter.
4. Cheerios. They are like little circles with a heart picture on the box. You know dat?
5. Dresses make me happy. They are pretty and I want a Minnie dress. Do I have one?
6. I want a giant Doc thing for Christmas. You know dat?
7. I love Mommy, Daddy and Ellie. I like to play with you guys.
8. I meeted Mickey, Goofy and Minnie. Our hotel had two beds? Oh it did. And what did it have sitting on the right bed? A Mickey Mouse towel! How did that happen? Did Mickey do it?
9. I don’t want to grow up. I want to be Minnie Mouse. I want to stay little.
10. I like going to Moe’s, it has black beans. Did we went to Jolly Roger?

“What can I say? They like it!” – her final statement on this blog HAHAHA!

3M9B8636 3M9B8648

A video of Cammy while blogging– basically really us arguing about her touching computer keys ahhaha!

5 thoughts on “Cammy’s First Blog | Deep Thoughts By Cammy

  1. gah! why are y’all so cute! love her rudolph necklace too! this makes me even more excited to visit my sister at disney world next week!!!!!! yay!!! love this post! definitely do more! 🙂

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