I know. The second child syndrome. You poor thing Baby Bells.. you totally got ignored on this series for two months and I am SO sorry! You will ready this “diary” one day and be like thanks a lot mom. I got crappy priority and Cammy’s was pretty timely. It’s just because I’m SO busy loving on you all day baby girl, I promise..that’s it 🙂 Haha!

Well, you’re 11 months and almost 1 year now..so this was taken a WHILE ago and it was pretty unsuccessful..but I have to document the truth here right? Well..here’s ALL you would give me that day honey bunny…you just wanted me to hold you. So, I couldn’t be perfect but I sure do love this pouty face holding on to my leg 🙂

This will hopefully be one of the only flops in the series for a while..I’m a perfectionist little girl..work it better for me next time!! 🙂

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