This place has always been home, even more than 3009 Bretton Lane in Glen Allen where I grew up. I loved that place, but this is home. Last night, Mike and I went on a “date night” together — and the reason there are quotations marks around that is because it ended in us putting a couple of extra gifts on the credit card for the girls and grocery basically..that was our super hot date night finale hahaha! We did however drink champagne on the beach (it wasn’t that cold, honestly!) and have Mama Kwans for it was nice 🙂

Do you follow us on Instagram? You may have seen the champagne on the beach picture..haha! 🙂

We always take beach road when we can, so we rode it last night and said to each other…”it hasn’t hit me yet.” We are still waiting to wake up from “vacation” and drive home. It’s weird!!! But we LOVE it!! I said Mike, it drives me CRAZY when people complain about living here. Not about the traffic and other typical stuff…but about living here. I think about all the people who would just die to be able to live on the coast!! ANY coast! And the ocean, my soul is drawn to it. Like a magnet..I can NOT get away from the ocean — it’s insane! I go to the beach at night with a flash light, I go to the beach when it’s raining. I go to the beach the morning a hurricane is coming and the morning after it leaves. I need this place and THAT is the kind of a place I want to spend Christmas with my family!

Living here, that’s my gift this year. I may get presents, but that’s always going to be my gift. I love my girls and husband and this is where we belong! I can’t WAIT until they open those presents tomorrow!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!! STAY SAFE! I’m surprising my Dad with a trip to Hatteras this morning!!! 🙂 XOXOXO

Like my rusted over bike? The salt will do that 🙂
Tree bokeh 🙂

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