We just slacked (wait, it’s my blog…so *I* slacked so bad) getting these posts up for little Ellie’s red heels and sweater series!! AHH! Mom of two guilt big time! But, I will say, I do take the pictures around the right time…so at least there’s that, right?! Haha! Oh Ellie– WE LOVE YOU — we are just too busy chasing your doughy biscuits around to stop to do much!! Here’s her LAST set before a year!!! Can’t wait to compile them all together for the ONE YEAR next month!! 🙂

(It was rough this one – I got her right out of a mid day bath, threw this on and hoped for the best! And, she’s eating the shoes — don’t worry, I never wear them and they are clean hahaha!)

SB9A8874 SB9A8893 SB9A8905 SB9A8909

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